Thursday, May 28

Setting Up Your Google Plus Profile For Success

My Google Plus profile as example. Snowflake photography by Alexey Kljatov.

So I just set up my account on G+ and now I’m going to post!

Stop right there!

Your profile is one of the most important things you can spend time on and it will make a difference in how fast you gain followers and who you meet. Take the time to fill it out it’s your introduction to anyone and everyone. You will hear about Google being top notch at helping you sell your product and if you think of yourself as” your product” no one can stop you!

I don’t want to tell people about myself if I don’t know them!

Of course you don’t and who says you have to tell but a few well placed facts about yourself and the things you would like to share online is a must. When you hit the G+ stream and start to add people to your first circle other’s will be adding you and before they do they will look at your profile.

What does yours say about you? If you have a blank profile they will pass you up and if you want to make friends or network this is a big negative.

You don’t have to put your address or enable location but people will want to know where you’re from and talk to you about it. They like to know what you are interested in and that can’t hurt. You don’t have to put where you work but you can put your vocation. Use common sense and be clever.

It’s up to you how much you want to divulge or express but the more information the better when it comes to people deciding whether to follow you or not. Remember, it’s not how many people in your circles it’s how many people follow you.

Why should I use a picture on my profile?

Profiles without pictures are called "Blueheads" and it puts a person off right away when they see no picture. People like to “see” who they are following and a headshot will help you reach more people.
My profile is filled out why include a photo? People will read about how cool I am it shouldn't matter?

If you have an excellent profile but no image people may not look you up meaning you have already lost. People online may seem like they have all the time in the world but they are busy and when looking up people to follow they would rather see a picture. I would probably not be looking you up without one.

Some things to think about including on your profile.

Okay so you don't have a lot to add yet but here’s what you should include and remember if you have interests you’d like to share with others online this is where you list them.
  • Name/Username 
  • At least last place you worked or not 
  • Any education if you think it important to your online goal 
  • A photo of you or something to represent you 
  • If you have websites, YouTube, Facebook, etc. add the links so people can find and follow you there 
  • What you want from your online experience 
  • What others can expect from you 
  • A good (keep it short) tagline and change it often 
  • An image for your profile cover photo that represents your interests or tastes
You will want to set up your profile so you can update it easily without changing it too often so your friends will recognize you when they “see” you online.
An awesome feature of G+ that no other network has is that you can use animated Gifs for your profile photo/cover photo if you wish. How great is that?

Of course filling out a profile is not rocket science but if you want to meet people this is the way to insure that when you interact with someone and they like how it went they will look you up and circle you. Repeat many times over and soon you will be accumulating followers and be on your way. You are now a product people will want to “buy into” so relax and enjoy it.

Filling out profiles is not for everyone but blank profiles and no profile pictures are used everyday by hackers and trouble makers on G+ that people have to block. This fact alone is a good reason to have a filled out profile. If you don’t want to do it know that your online experience will be an upward battle.

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