Wednesday, December 25

Merry Christmas 2019

Let's start with a Christmas puzzle! I love these things. It's not as hard as you think but look carefully.

It takes the average person almost 3 minutes to find the little dog hiding among the polar bears in this brainteaser. If it takes you longer don't fret.

Just say yes if you find it or no in the comments. I'll post the answer in my New Years' post. Good luck!

Today is Christmas so better late than never with this post. I'm not riding my bike today because it's windy and raining off and on. Instead, I'm drinking eggnog without dark rum (which I adore) because when I had both knees replaced in August Stanford hospital almost ruined my kidneys. It's a long story but they're recovering so I have to be careful. My knee replacements went much better I'm very happy with the improvements. What counts is I'll be fine for 2020.

These are just delicious if you have them in your area. I've practically made myself sick eating them. The bark has a white chocolate layer, a dark chocolate layer, and smashed up candy canes in it. OMG!

Isn't this guy darling! It's a Quokka, a marsupial, about the size of a domestic cat. They're like squirrels from The Land Down Under. They're always smiling and happy looking like live teddy bears.

You gotta love a bad boy Santa bringing a different kind of Christmas. Lol!

I hope you liked the artwork and jokes. I did a different Christmas post at Bike With Bekkie if you're interested.

Finally Here

Christmas comes but once a year
sharing love with those held dear
festive Christmas trees appear
Jingle Bells is what I hear.

Christmas Eve the skies are clear
Santa’s coming have no fear
in his sleigh with eight reindeer
bringing presents far and near.

Christmas comes but once a year
time for blessings and good cheer
my favorite holiday atmosphere
now, that day is finally here!

© Rebecca Sanchez 2012

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May we all find peace this year.

Christmas Tanka #122415

often misunderstood
the true meaning of Christmas
can’t be bought or sold
yet pets and their owners
proud of those ugly sweaters

© Rebecca Sanchez 2015

I hope your Christmas is full of all good things! After the year we had we could all use a little bit of peace, love, and understanding. Let's spread that kindness around. Not everyone has the means to have a wonderful holiday and the Christmas spirit is all about sharing. Big hug!

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