Friday, March 30

Musical Jello


The creators of this video and project describe it as a "game," which it isn't, really, but it is really, really cool: you make a sort of extra-firm Jello-like product by mixing water, agar, and some food coloring (optional, but why wouldn't you want your final product to be blue or pink?) in a mold. After it firms up, you put it on the "game board," actually a capacitive sensor with an embedded Arduino microprocessor, which detects different kinds of touch on the Jello mold and converts it into Theremin-like noises. Fun (and a little appetizing)! Watch the video it’s so awesome.

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I got this video and post from Popsci.

Isn’t this the coolest, just like Jello? I’d love to try it sometime but it sure is fun to watch! It even makes me hungry…tee hee!
Don’t forget, there’s always room for musical Jello!

So today is Friday and I hope your weekend is full of whatever you enjoy doing!

TGIF, Ahhhhhh


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Thursday, March 22

Results Of My Eye Operation After Two Months & Three Days


I went to see Dr. Lam (my Ophthalmologist) on March 14th to find out how my eye surgery finally turned out. She did two operations on my right eye on January 19th and the first one was for cataracts so it was easy. Even though I couldn’t tell I had cataracts yet the new lens in my eye surprisingly improved my eyesight and that was an awesome side effect.

Dr. Lam told me the second operation would really be difficult to pull off because a Macular hole is hard to close and there could be a lot of complications involved. She told me ahead of time that the gas bubble might not do the job, said to keep my head down, follow her instructions, use the eye drops as directed and keep my fingers crossed. I not only did that, but I prayed that my eye would respond to the treatment.

When Dr. Lam came into the examining room that day with the images of my inner eye she was really pleased. She showed me the images and it was amazing! The Macular Degeneration that caused the hole had disappeared! The before and after pictures were striking as the gas bubble had worked and the hole was gone. My doctor and I hugged as she congratulated me for following directions. Of course I was lucky to have her as my doctor she was very good at her job and I thanked her.

I wasn’t sure if it worked or not before this last visit and was worried because I could still see the kink in a straight line when I used that eye but my doctor explained that it would take awhile for the damage that the hole had done to clear up and because we treated it so fast there wasn’t much damage at all. I can surely live with that and it saved my central, hell, it saved my vision in that eye!


I’m posting this on both of my blog sites to let all my Followers know why I was gone so long and how I’m doing now. If you missed the first blog about when this started take a peek.

I’m so happy to say I’m back and ready to write! My eye surgery worked and I’m thrilled! Besides that, I’ve missed reading your blogs!

Happy Spring

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