Tuesday, June 28

The Witness Stand

Taking the witness stand (although I had nothing to be afraid of,) felt worse than having butterflies. I had a belly full of fish and they never stopped swimming the entire time! (My animation.)

I knew my turn had to come to be on the stand and come it did. I walked up with shaky legs (not due to my bad knees this time) and took my oath. 

As I sat down I thoughtI’ve gone over this stuff a million times, I feel confident and will do just fine! Sure Bekkie....

The Petitioner's lawyer came over and asked the first question. I was well practiced and at the ready! As I opened my mouth I noticed the people looking at me...they started to swim around just like my belly was feeling.

OMG! I looked back at the lawyer. Her lips were moving but nothing but gibberish was coming out! I was freaking out but I was aware that something was coming out of my mouth. Could it be I give a good answer? I looked at the people looking at me. At least no one was laughing or pointing fingers…I did my best and plowed on.

Ignore the floating people, don’t look them in the eyes and answer the question. I know this stuff! (I thought to myself.)

I was on the stand for about 2 1/2 hours. and it was finally over. The longest 2 1/2 hours I ever spent and I swear I was on acid….until I got off of the stand.

Then it was over and the sky opened up, the sun came out and the angels sang! Yet, I was left with a full load of adrenaline. Then it hit me, it’s not over yet and I may lose everything.

I stand to lose every cent I am living off of from getting alimony. I wasn't even getting the whole amount I cut my X some slack and now he was trying to cut me off completely.

So yes, my first day in court is over and I survived! The case isn’t over yet and I’ll have to go back for a 1/2 day July 5th and a 1/2 day July 8th. Can you believe they are making us come back twice for what we could get done in one day? Ridiculous.

At least it will finally be done soon as I’ve waited for over a year from the first court date. I am looking forward to starting the first day of my new life whatever comes.

Today is Tuesday and as the weekend approaches we have another holiday coming up, the 4th of July to celebrate. I want to see some awesome fireworks. Who’s with me? I hope you have a lovely week my friends as I retire for a well deserved restful evening.

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