Thursday, December 16

The Fucking Little Town Of Austria‏

A Little Austria Town

The newspaper article below is even funnier than the sign!

There it is, on a map. it makes me wonder…

Are the residents called Fuckers?
What are the mothers called?
What would you be learning at the Fucking High School?
Does the Fucking Hospital help you with anything else?
If your friend came from another town, wouldn't they be your Fucking friend?


Cheers To You!

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Sunday, August 22

Happily Ever After Is So Once Upon A Time

Happily Ever After?

How some of your favorite fairy tales really ended!

Once Upon A Time....


Snow White

Little Red Riding Hood

Sleeping Beauty

Jasmine (Aladdin)

Belle (Beauty And The Beast)

The Little Mermaid

The End

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Tuesday, August 17

After Being Put Into A Coma I Haven't Felt Better

What Happens When Someone Is Put Into A Coma:

Sometimes someone is so ill they are put into a coma to save their lives. That is what happened to me. I had two seizures before getting to the hospital and my left lung was filled with puke and had collapsed. I was spiking a high fever and phenomena was setting in already. The Doctor's decided that a coma was the best way to save my life. I was put into a drug induced coma. Luckily I never needed a ventilator after they cleared my lung out.

Someone who is in a coma is unconscious and will not respond to voices, sounds, or any sort of activity going on nearby. Not even intense pain will bring forth a response. The person is still alive, but the brain is functioning at its lowest stage of alertness. You can't shake and wake up someone who is in a coma like you can someone who has just fallen asleep.

I can tell you from first hand experience that you can't hear people when in a coma like some believe you can. Reading to someone in a coma from a book is just for your own comfort not theirs. All I remember from being in my coma was my never ending very strange dream that I had.

My dream was unlike any other dream I ever had while sleeping normally at night. The dream was probably based on my brain functioning at such a low level and all the drugs in me but it was very eerie. I dreamed about people in my life, and some that weren't yet. I wish I could of remembered the imagery it was very creepy and when I woke up I was totally freaked out until I realized I was awake.

My dream drove me to question what really happens when you die? If I would of passed away would I have dreamed until the very last brain cell gave out? And then what? For me, being so close to death was not an empty time that I couldn't remember and ever since then it's caused me to rethink my prior beliefs. But to what?

Then there's the way I have felt since being out of the coma and hospital. As soon as I came out of the coma and the doctors started telling me what happened it was hard to believe it was so serious because even with the tubes sticking out of every orifice and then some I felt surprisingly well. I even left the hospital faster then they wanted me to. I really shocked my doctors especially since they still can't find out what caused all this to happen!

I remember reading stories about coma patients who claimed that being in a coma 'reset' their brains and bodies in a new way that hadn't expected. I felt this way too and after having people who knew me tell me I was like a 'new person' I decided to look into this. Unfortunately for me I couldn't find much. Most of the articles were just about comas and were all very similar. People awaking from comas did not feel this way, often having to relearn even the most basic of functions. I had been very lucky indeed!

People may emerge from a coma with a combination of physical, intellectual and psychological difficulties that need special attention. Recovery usually occurs gradually....patients acquire more and more ability to respond. Some patients never progress beyond very basic responses, but some can recover full awareness. Regaining consciousness is not instant: in the first days, patients are only awake for a few minutes, and duration of time awake gradually increases. In reality, the coma patient awakes sometimes in a profound state of confusion, not knowing how they got there and sometimes suffering from the inability to articulate any speech, and with many other disabilities.

This is unlike the situation in my life where I awoke from my coma and was instantly able to continue my normal life. Of course I was not in a coma for a long period of time. When I woke up I was up for good and didn't relapse back into unconsciousness. I was anxious to walk, speak and do everything I could to go home from the hospital. The doctors where very surprised at my state after being on death's door. I was not confused in the beginning but I couldn't remember anything that happened to me and had to be told what transpired that week and why I was at the hospital.

This is a statistic that really freaked me out! The most common cause of death for a person in a vegetative state is secondary infection such as pneumonia which can occur in patients who lie still for extended periods. For me I got pneumonia right away from swallowing my vomit and an ultra high fever so I was very lucky I had the best staff working on me at Kaiser. They saved my life.

So what I found out after researching this is that I'm a lucky person to have come out of it like I did. It was very hard on my body and I took a month to recover from all of it fully. Even the day after I came home I felt so much better than I had in years! I couldn't put my finger on it but when other's noticed it too it confirmed what I had thought had happened. I was somehow a new person! I even looked better and I couldn't believe it.! A lot of my old pain was gone and my wrist that I had pinched a nerve in before had healed! The numbness was gone and I could move my fingers again. It was like a miracle! I felt so well that I was being more active than I had before this happened to me!

The odds were against me and I survived. The fact that I didn't go into a coma on my own and they induced one is like arguing apples and oranges. A coma is a coma and they are very dangerous. I had several medical problems that alone could of killed me, but no. I had my dream during these goings on that must of helped my brain deal and I really believe this! I also think that the coma reset my brain not unlike an electrical circuit can be reset. Everyone knows the brain runs on electrical impulses. My brain got reset to a time before my injuries, before I felt so bad, it went back to a happier mental pattern in my life and all I can say is I'm super lucky and it's very awesome! I am thankful to God that I'm not learning how to tie my shoes again or speak. I am truly blessed and will not squander this new chance I have been given!

Thank you my higher power!

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Friday, July 23

Back From The Dead

Let us pray....

By now most of you got the gist of what happened to me last week. I am one lucky woman to still be alive and writing this blog to tell you about it. To tell you the truth, I think it's finally sinking into my fevered brain just how gone I was before they got me back. Here's what happened in two weeks and why I disappeared without a word.

The week before last I wasn't feeling well. I was tired, wasn't hungry, didn't have much of an interest in anything and it was so unlike me. I just figured I was depressed since it felt so much like depression. I wasn't getting enough sleep. I kept wondering why I wasn't so happy with my move and why I felt so bad. Nothing stuck out that I could put my finger on but I was having some fluid retention in my my feet and hands. I gained 10 pounds before I knew it even though I eat healthy foods and watch my weight. I keep my weight around 138 and it soared upwards in a half a week. Still, I thought it would pass and didn't have a clue.

Last week I got up on the 12th , it was just like any other day but I was tired. I decided to go back to bed. James (my roommate) was getting ready for work. That's the last thing I remember!

I woke up in the hospital with tubes coming out of every opening and then some. Two days had gone by already. When I came to there was a tube down my throat and they had to remove it quickly because I was chocking on it. I didn't remember anything and this is what I was told by the hospital staff as they explained things to me.

They said I had been found in my bed by James. He had come into the bedroom to get his shoes for work. I was lucky that he did! I had puked and was choking on it. I was gurgling in the throat. My left lung was filled with it and I was having a seizure. I had bit my tongue and it was bleeding. My eyes were opened and rolled up in my head.

James dialed 911 and they got there within minutes. They bagged me and couldn't get the ambulance into our little parking lot so they ran out with me on a bed sheet. I was dying on the way to the hospital.

They induced coma to treat and save me. I had gotten pneumonia and my organs were failing. I was brought back from the dead in Intensive Care while in the coma. I was there a day.

After that they moved me to the Pulmonary Care Unit where they dealt with my organs malfunctioning. They had put a tube down my lung to take out the fluid and while in there I woke up. I was shocked to find myself in the hospital and that it was 2 days later! I was really freaked out when they told me what had transcribed. All very sobering!

I'm Alive!

Kaiser Permanente had saved my life! They were excellent and very professional the whole time I was there. All the personal were very nice and went out of their way to make my stay comfortable. They took good care of me when I was in the Coma.

I was taken out of Intensive Care and moved to a room in the hospital proper with another woman where I stayed for two more days. Then only 4 days later they released me to come home. I was never so happy to go home! I felt like the Bride Of Frankenstein, brought back to life.

I have to have an MRI next week and take it to Neurology but I was very lucky that they haven't found anything wrong with me as of yet. Still, I don't have a history of seizures like they thought originally so I don't know what is better. To have them find a reason for this, or not have them find a reason at all! LOL! Nice to alive and kicking indeed!

While there I was treated for:

♦Severe Sepsis W Acute Organ Dysfunction, Septicemia, Final ID Pending

Elevated lactate may be related to infection (left infiltrate) or possibly as a consequence of seizure earlier today.

♦Aspiration Pneumonia

♦Priority 1,HIGHEST Extensive left sided infiltrate associated with seizure and emesis in the ED. Major concern is for aspiration.


Etiology not clear. Per report, there is a possible history of seizures, so this may be recurrence. No lesions on head CT. Would proceed with LP to r/o CNS infection.

♦Chronic Pain

What a lucky break for me to be home and relatively okay.

I'm glad to be back home and online. Thanx again for all your best wishes! I am doing really well now so no worries. See you around very soon!

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Thursday, June 17

Nerve Damage To My Left Hand

I fell asleep at my desk after a long night on the computer and woke up with a numb left arm. Thinking it fell asleep I tried to wake it up. My arm got feeling back but I couldn’t control my left wrist or hand. I was dumbstruck as to what was wrong.

I have fallen asleep at my computer a zillion times and never had a problem like this no matter if I woke up with keyboard lines on my face. (Which has happened before.) Why this time? I had no good answer.

As I continued to look at my new problem I kept trying to control what couldn’t be controlled. My wrist would flop around as I tried to lift my hand up and down. It looked awful! My fingers wouldn’t work and my wrist wouldn’t turn. I really did it this time.

I'm used to touch typing and right now I can't do it with my left hand so I have to do half and half. No using my finger to type either. It is really scaring me, this time I pinched my hand and it caused my wrist and fingers to lose some function.

I already have bad knees and now this! I have never been so scared in my life, only some function has come back...I'm trying to get into my Doctor's for tomorrow but they aren't known to be fast. We will just have to see I guess. I'm in God's hands now.

To do anything that takes any finesse with my fingers fails and my wrist flaps around like the boneless man at a freak show. I can move it only not very fast with some control. Losing even some hand/wrist motions is very sobering. I hope it’s not permanent!

I can’t write so that’s why I haven’t been posting much lately. I’m lucky to get this up and it took me awhile to do it. I’ll update you on this new problem as soon as I find something out. I can only pray that it will go away.

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Tuesday, May 11

Today's My Birthday And I'm Leaving San Francisco

This is a really old photo from when I was in Junior High School and you could still get a nice Raccoon Coat from Good Will for only 10 dollars. I was still living in Michigan City, Indiana where I was born. I got put in the newspaper quite a bit back then. I young wasn't I?

Yes, today's my B-Day and on a Tuesday, the day I was born on! Some of you know how old I am and others don't. I don't want to talk about my age much less think about how old I'm turning today, (OMG!) I just want to have a good day and enjoy my life! At least I'm looking really good for my age, I work hard at it and am proud of it!

Yesterday it was dark and drizzling outside but today it's sunny and beautiful...just in time for my B-Day of course. Whoo hoo! I've been out once already and I'm going to go out again today and enjoy San Francisco because if things keep going well I'll be leaving this great city and moving down to San Mateo this very week! Can't wait although I hate moving.

Today I'm waiting to see if I got my new apartment so I'm hoping I hear soon it will be an awesome B-Day present!

My roommate gave me an AIW T-shirt (made by Disney from their new movie) and it's so cool! It's all black and has the black Cheshire Cat's smile on it.

I also got a bobble-head White Rabbit and he's sitting on my desk. He's so cute and I really like it! He's holding his watch which reminds me to watch the time. I guess my friends know what I like that's for sure.

Another gift I received was a Sony PSP which I enjoy playing very much!

I've gotten so many nice Happy Birthday messages and I thank you all! What's strange is that so many people in my network (folks I really like and get along with really well) are also Taurus's just like me. Of course, I have many great friends who aren't but there's a lot to Astrology which is why I believe in it like I do.

I just got a call telling me I got my apartment and can move in tomorrow! So I got everything I wanted for my B-Day and am so stoked! As cool as living in SF is, I'm looking forward to getting out of the city because everything is cheaper! Even car insurance as I'll be getting my car out and running tomorrow. No more taxies for me! I get to drive my little sports car again, I have a nice place to park it now and I'm so happy!

This means I won't be online for a week and I'll be changing my ISP to another address so don't know how fast I'll be hooked up at my new place but I’ll be back as soon as possible.

Well, I have things to do because I need to move out of here starting tomorrow so I need to go. I'm really happy things turned out the way they did! See you soon!

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Thursday, May 6

Woman Attempts Bank Robbery And Eats Her Words

Authorities in Columbus Ohio stated that a woman tried to rob a bank with a note and after noticing a uniformed officer in the line behind her attempted to eat it. FBI Special Agent Harry Trombitas said the woman wearing sunglasses handed the teller the note at a Chase bank branch Wednesday morning.

Trombitas stated that the off-duty officer wasn't aware of what was going on, but when the woman noticed him, she grabbed the note and fled.

Outside, the officer arrested the 40-year-old Columbus woman, Lois Harvey. Trombitas said she tried to eat the note as she was nabbed, but couldn't swallow it down and ended up coughing it back up onto the sidewalk.

Harvey remained jailed Thursday after a judge set bond at $250,085. Court records do not list her attorney as of yet.


40 Year Old Lois Harvey-OMG-What A Face! 

What was really funny was the comments left about the story on the Yahoo News page! Here are some of the good ones:

Sassy Redhead- She should learn to swallow.

Hugh-She's only 40? She tried to swallow the note because it appears that she has no teeth. She really is a bad product of her environment.

Wyatt-Holy crap she's 40 going on 70! I wager she's on meth.

No Name-She didn't notice the policeman in line behind her? What an idiot! She looks like hell, maybe the money was for a makeover...

Rose Edwards-Take smaller bits next time, live and learn.

Thrilla from Wasilla-Stoopid White trash quasi-human tricks.

Maggie-All I can say is DAMN that is 1 ugly, crazy woman.

The Voice Of Reason-My mom always said, look both ways before you cross the street, and look behind you before you rob a bank. Thanks mom!

1nomad-Hell, I'd pay her just to go away. She is quite beastly.

Katie-That gives a new meaning to the phrase; "Put your money where your mouth is."

Indy-Woman attempts robbery, tries to eat note...why not? It looks like she's eaten everything else.

Chuck-No headaches!

David-She looks like she came from the shallow end of the gene pool.


Kono-She needed the money for home improvements her house has a flat tire, or maybe she wanted to go to the dentist to get her tooth cleaned.

Erica-What an ugly man.....wait she's a women huh? LOL! Oopps and yea on a good one (meth or crack?)

Spencer-She tried to rob the bank with a note? Did she eat the gun too?

She must have used up her last good brain cell trying to rob the bank so she didn't notice the cop in his uniform behind her until it was too late. I guess when you decide to rob a bank your common sense goes on vacation and your reasoning goes with it. Of course, when robbing banks you better have a good plan and hers was not!

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Tuesday, May 4

Robots Creepy & Cool

Robots are becoming a reality and soon they will replace us at work. There are many different kinds with varied functions. It's truly amazing how they work and the things they are doing with them. 

Let's take a fun look at some of the robots that are being manufactured, they are really cool although some of them are downright creepy. I'll let you decide for yourself as you watch these video's from YouTube as to how you feel about them.

Akiba Robot Festival-2006: Actroid Female Robot

A performance artist from Japan has built a weird crawling robot that looks like an elderly businessman.

Creepy Child Robot

Robot With A Mind Of Its Own

A Robot Housekeeper

QRIO (Sony Killed This Robot)
I love robots and although these aren’t very sophisticated Robots are getting more complicated and are doing more jobs every day. I can’t wait until I can have my own robot in my home.

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Wednesday, April 21

Trouble In My Neighborhood

Usually, my neighborhood is quiet without much crime. Once they found a dead homeless guy across the street but he wasn't murdered just unlucky in life. I live on the bottom of Nob Hill, about 5 blocks away from the beginning of the Tender Loin which is a bad neighborhood full of live sex clubs, bars and other places you wouldn't want to walk through. The trouble usually stays down there so it hasn't been a worry. Until now.

Sunday night one of my building's tenants, a woman was outside across the street. She got her purse taken by gunpoint and if that wasn't shocking enough we had to have our front (security gate) retooled because they also got her keys. So yesterday I received my new key and was glad to have it done so quickly before someone tried to get in and rob us or worse. Again!

I have lived here since 1998 and in all of that time, only one crack head cat burglar broke in (we still don't know how) gaining entrance to our roof. Lucky for me I was home that day watching TV because I heard someone running around in the then empty apartment upstairs from me. Then I heard someone on the fire escape so I walked into my kitchen to the window and got a real shocker!

My window (which I only leave open on top) was open on the bottom and as I got up to the window a girl appeared on my windowsill. First I saw her hands were empty as she was grabbing the sides of the window to get in and she had a huge backpack on so I grabbed the straps and yanked her in. This made her fall to the floor. Not knowing she was on crack she jumped up right away and the fight started. My kitchen knives where right there but I didn't feel like killing someone that day so we fought, knocking things over in the kitchen as I asked her who she was and what was she doing on the fire escape.

Her eyes told the whole story, her pupils huge as she mumbled; "I gotta get out of here!" Over and over, in fact, it sounded like a chant. Since she had been in the apartment above me and it was the same as mine she was pulling me towards my door to get out. I couldn't hold her so I let her go and dialed 911.

Wouldn't you know it there had been a policeman across the street and he had seen her coming in my window so he was already on his way here. The front door was being guarded so I figured she was hiding in our huge basement somewhere. By then the manager came to take over and they told me to stay put and went off looking for her. They didn't find her anywhere but I figured she was still in the building in the basement. They got my report on it and left.

Not much later the manager went to his workroom in the basement to get something and she was hiding in there and she jumped out at him. He started yelling at her and she walked up and slapped him in the face! I wasn’t there so I don’t know how he kept her until the cops came back but they came and took her off.

They came back later and had me pick her picture out of a "line up" on a piece of paper (not at the police station like on TV) and although she had her eyes all scrunched up in her mug shot I picked her out easily. Thank God I was home or my apartment would have been trashed and everything would have been taken.

I found out she had been in jail for this before, not only that but she had another woman who was in jail at the time and they had both been cat burglars for crack money together in this neighborhood and the surrounding area for a while! I thought it would be cut and dried. She would be in jail for a while this time. The police said she would get drug treatment which they didn't make her do last time.

When I got to court the first thing the prosecutor asked me was why I didn't shove her out of my window! There's a huge hole in fire escapes and I'm on the 4th floor which is why I didn't do it when she broke in. So I told him; "Yeah, that way I'd be in jail for manslaughter if she died when she hit the cement!" What assholes! I told him; "You know it's true!" So the prosecution decided they didn't want me involved in the court case and instead had our building manager do it.

This girl didn't get anything! I went to her last hearing and sat in the front row to make sure she saw me and when our eyes met I gave her a look she sure did understand! (I'll just let you imagine that one!) Then I heard her sentence and couldn't believe it! She had been in jail for 2 weeks by then. She only got a month in jail (time served included) so she was getting out in two weeks! And she didn't get any drug treatment program either! She wasn't even put on probation! OMG, my friends no wonder people keep breaking the laws over and over. It's because the state doesn't want to pay for them to get the treatment they really deserve so they keep getting off. Makes me ill!

Thank god I didn't shove her out of my window or it would have been me in jail I just know it!

So my nice neighborhood is getting worse, we have rent control and the courts are letting them do whatever they want so it's about time for Bekkie to move out of here and take her Wonderland somewhere better. Especially now that criminals are coming this far down with guns to rob us or worse!

Good-bye San Francisco I'm getting out of this place and moving to San Mateo. I will not pay $1,200.00 for an efficiency apartment where they are getting away with screwing us out of our last pennies while the rental court helps! When I moved in here it was only $735 a month! I'm done with it, time to move.

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Sunday, April 18

How's Your Brain Working, Or Is It?


Let me know how you do! If you can do ALL of them within 10 seconds you're doing great! Can you find ALL of them? No cheating now! (It should be easy!) The younger you are of course the better you should do. Wake up those brain cells and get cracking!

1- Find the C not use any cursor help.

2- If you already found the C, now find the 6 below.

3 - Now find the N below. It's a little more difficult.

This is NOT a joke. If you were able to pass these three tests, you can cancel your annual visit to your neurologist. Your brain is great and you're far from having a close relationship with Mr. Alzheimer. Congratulations my friends!

I got this in an email and had to share it here. I did really well on it so here's to good brain health! I think genes have a little to do with it too. The main purpose is to have fun with it.


Eonvrye who can raed tihs rsaie yuor hnad!
To my all my Network wonderful minded friends:
If you can raed the flolnig pagarprah, tehn geart mdins not olny tnhik aklie, tehy wrok akile.
Tihs is wried, but ieertntnisg.
If you can raed tihs, you hvae an ieertntnisg mnid too.
Can you raed tihs? Olny 55 plepoe out of 100 can. (Hrad to bleveie ins't it?)
I cuold not blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid aoccdrnig to the rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy syas it dseno't mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is that the frsit and last ltteer of ecah wrod is in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sltill raed it whotuit a pboerlm. This is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the word as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? Yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!

Brain training is good for you it keeps the sludge in your brain at bay. For more about brain training check out Luminosity.

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Thursday, April 8

Who Are The Characters From Alice In Wonderland?

Major Characters:

Alice: A little girl, around 7 years old. She has an amazing dream about changing size and meeting various strange creatures underground in Wonderland. Alice is curious, intelligent, trusting, and ready to accept the impossible. She can be quite bold; additionally, she tends to take herself seriously and sometimes has a rather quick temper.

White Rabbit: A rabbit wearing a waistcoat and pocket watch scampers past Alice at the beginning of the story. Alice follows the White Rabbit into Wonderland. The Rabbit is rather timid and nervous. He meets Alice again at his house and at the Queen's croquet-grounds where he serves as the herald at the trial of the Knave of Hearts.

Caterpillar: A large, blue, hookah-smoking caterpillar. He treats Alice with contempt and makes her angry, but he helps her to grow to the height she wants to be by telling her about the special properties of the mushroom he sits on.

Duchess: Hideously ugly in the illustrations by John Tenniel (who did all the art in the first book,) the Duchess is hostile when she first meets Alice, but quite pleasant later on. The Duchess believes that everything has a moral, and she speaks in moralizing clichés.

Cheshire Cat: The Duchess' perpetually grinning cat. The cat speaks to Alice, but not to anyone else in the story. He informs Alice that he is insane. The Cheshire Cat can disappear and reappear suddenly, he can disappear very slowly, and he can appear as just a floating head. 'Grins like a Cheshire cat' was a common saying in England when Alice was written.

March Hare: A hare who lives in a house shaped like a hare's head. The Mad Tea Party is held on his lawn. At the trial, he contradicts the evidence presented by the Mad Hatter. At the time Alice meets him, he has been mad for two months. Alice doesn't care for him. In Carroll's time, 'Mad as a march hare' was a common phrase alluding to the frenzied behavior of hares in March, their mating season.

Mad Hatter: A hatter who continually has tea with the March Hare and the Dormouse because for him it is always six o'clock (tea-time). He quickly offends Alice. Two months before meeting Alice, he gave a concert for the Queen that ended badly. He is called as a witness at the trial of the Knave he gave a concert for the Queen that ended badly. He is called as a witness at the trial of the Knave because many hatters did look like they were mad from exposure to mercury which was used to process hats.

Queen of Hearts: The savage, domineering queen whose realm includes the garden. She is constantly ordering her gardeners to paint white roses red. She is literally a playing card. She constantly issues orders to behead someone or other. Her favorite command is; "Off with their head!" Alice doesn't like her at all. The Queen sends Alice to meet the Gryphon and the Mock Turtle. At the trial, the Knave of Hearts is accused of stealing her tarts.

The Gryphon And The Mock Turtle: A Gryphon is a mythical monster, part lion, and part eagle. This Gryphon takes Alice to meet the Mock Turtle and then ushers her off to the trial. He is amused by the illusions of other characters. He speaks with a Cockney accent and, like many of the other characters, he loves puns. Like the Mock Turtle, he is nostalgic about his days at school and he joins in the Lobster Quadrille. The Mock Turtle is always sad and depressed, and usually, he's sighing or sobbing. He used to be a real turtle, but now he's a mock turtle, which, as the Queen explains, is what mock turtle soup is made from. (Mock turtle soup is imitation green turtle soup and is often made from veal-hence John Tenniel's illustration of a turtle with a calf's head and hooves.) The Mock Turtle loves to reminisce about his schooldays, and he teaches Alice the Lobster Quadrille.

Minor Characters:

Alice's sister: Alice's older sister, who reads a book without illustrations or dialogue while sitting on the bank with Alice at the beginning of the book. Alice falls asleep with her head on her sister's lap and has the dream about Wonderland. When Alice awakes, she tells her sister about her dream, and the book closes with her sister daydreaming about what Alice will be like as a grown-up.

Dinah: Alice's cat. Dinah never actually appears in Alice, but as Alice has her adventures she often misses Dinah or talks about her.

Mouse: A French mouse who falls into the pool of Alice's tears. He is easily offended. He tells Alice his tale, which appears in the book printed in the shape of a tail.

Mary Ann: The White Rabbit's maid. She never actually appears, but at one point the Rabbit mistakes Alice for Mary Ann.

Bill the Lizard: A hapless, somewhat stupid lizard. He first appears in the story when Alice, having grown huge, is blocking all of the entrances to the White Rabbit's house-the Rabbit sends Bill down the chimney, but Alice kicks him back out. Bill is also one of the jurors at the trial, where Alice takes away his chalk and accidentally stuffs him upside-down into the jury box.

Pig-Baby: The Duchess' ugly, squealing baby boy. Alice takes him from the Duchess to take care of him, but she lets him go when he actually turns into a pig before her eyes.

Cook: The Duchess' belligerent, violent cook. When Alice first sees her, she is making soup and using so much pepper that it fills the air of the Duchess' house. The cook is a hostile witness at the Knave's trial.

Dormouse: A guest at the Mad Tea Party. The Dormouse is always either asleep or falling asleep, despite the efforts of the Mad Hatter and the March Hare to keep him awake. The Dormouse tells Alice a story about three little girls in a treacle well. He appears again at the trial of the Knave of Hearts. (Dormice are nocturnal, hibernating rodents found in Europe and Britain. The word 'dormouse' is derived from the Latin dormire, which means 'to sleep.')

Three Gardeners: Three playing cards in the service of the Queen of Hearts. They are spades-numbers Two, Five, and Seven-who paint white roses red in an effort to cover up their mistake of planting the wrong kind of rose tree. They are placed under a sentence of execution by the Queen. King of Hearts: Kinder than his wife, the King of Hearts quietly pardons everyone who has been sentenced to death when the Queen leaves the croquet grounds. He serves as the judge at the Knave's trial, although he doesn't seem to know much about court proceedings.

Knave of Hearts: In the King and Queen's court processions, the Knave serves as a crown-bearer. He is tried for stealing tarts made by the Queen. Despite reasonable efforts to prove himself innocent, the King and the court are determined to pronounce him guilty.

There are some characters missing but then Lewis Carroll's writings had so many characters in them. His books had poems, art, moralizing clichés, sayings from his time and just so many good things it's no wonder his works are being redone in movies, art and everything else. He was an intelligent mathematician of his times and even with his migraines he took advantage of all of his facilities. I admire his strength and talents.

“You’re nothing but a pack of cards!”

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Thursday, April 1

Shoes You Can’t Live Without

It’s Spring and time to show off the cool new foot fashions for the upcoming hot season!

These are some incredible, unusual shoe designs and each pair is its own piece of art. You must give credit to the designers of these shoes for their vivid imaginations and wild ideas whether you can walk in them or not.

What is it about women that make them want to wear and walk in very uncomfortable shoes? I'm a woman and I don't know, I don't wear them. I'm an exception though.

As Nancy Sinatra once wrote; “And one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you! “


Pretty silly but such fun to look at what other people come up with when given one subject, such as ‘shoes.’

Which one is your favorite pair?

Start walking!

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Saturday, March 27

Tenniel's Drawing Of Alice Was Not Correct

When Lewis Carroll had John Tenniel draw Alice for him he had a model and girl in mind. Alice Liddell was a neighbor girl who Carroll had photographed before. He was quite taken with her and based his heroines name on her, starting his book with her name.

When he first saw the drawings that Tenniel had done he was mortified that it didn’t look at all like Liddell and he had drawn her body totally out of proportion. The artwork stayed in the book and became a part of history, even though Carroll proclaimed his dislike for it publicly.

Alice Pleasance Liddell was born May 4th 1852 in Westminster, London.



Alice Liddell, age 7, photographed by Charles Dodgson In 1860. Liddell dressed up as a beggar-maid.


A rare photo of Liddell taken by Carroll in 1855.


Alice Liddell as a young woman. She eventually got married to Reginald Hargreaves.


Alice Hargreaves Liddell lived to be 82 and died on November 16th 1934.

Tenniel's pictures of Alice are not pictures of Alice Liddell, who had dark hair cut short with straight bangs across her forehead. Carroll sent Tenniel a photograph of Mary Hilton Badcock, another child friend, recommending that he use her for a model, but whether Tenniel accepted this advice is a matter of dispute. That he did not is strongly suggested by these lines from a letter Carroll wrote some time after both Alice books had been published. The letter is quoted by Mrs. Lennon in her book on Carroll;

"Mr. Tenniel is the only artist who has drawn for me, who has resolutely refused to use a model, and declared he no more needed one than I should need a multiplication table to work a mathematical problem! I venture to think that he was mistaken and that for want of a model he drew several pictures of "Alice" entirely out of proportion-head decidedly too large and feet decidedly too small."


J. Tenniel's Alice

(The symbol at the lower right corner, which you see on all of Tenniel's drawings, is a monogram of his initials, J.T.


John Tenniel created the Alice we see in the book.

In "Alice On Stage," an article cited in the first note on the prefatory poem, Carroll gave the following description of his heroine's personality:

What art thou, dream-Alice, in thy foster-father's eye? How shall he picture thee? Loving, first, loving and gentle: loving as a dog (forgive the prosaic simile, but I know no earthly love so pure and perfect), and gentle as a fawn: then courteous-courteous to all high or low, grand or grotesque, King or Caterpillar, even as though she were herself a King's daughter and her clothing of wrought gold: then trustful, ready to accept the wildest impossibilities with all that utter trust that only dreamers know; and lastly, curious-wildly curious, and with the eager enjoyment of Life that comes only in the happy hours of childhood when all is new and fair, and when Sin and Sorrow are but names-empty words signifying nothing!

Hearing Carroll describe his creation, "Alice" in his own words is such a treat!

Although many people think Carroll a pedophile that couldn’t keep away from 7 year old girls there is no proof that he ever took advantage of Liddell or any other young girl. He was a photographer, writer and true artist that based his fiction on fact like many others before him and had a great interest in children and childhood.

Through the many years since his writings "Alice" has held the imaginations and fantasies of more people than even he could ever have imagined. Through fan art, movies, books and video games "Alice" has had many personalities and faces and will continue to be with us forever.

Lewis Carroll has taught me that everyone has their own Wonderland that resides in each and everyone of us in our imaginations.

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