Tuesday, July 7

How Do You Type A Copyright Symbol With A New Chromebook?

I spent a good part of the morning trying to answer this, going through horrible articles written by people thinking they were helping but they weren't because they didn't have the answer.

It's not Windows, not HTML, not ASCII, no, it's Unicode. What?

Ask the person who has used Windows all of their lives and they are sure they have the answer! It's 0169 using a Windows keyboard. What Windows keyboard-I have a new Chromebook?!

Of course, everyone wanted to talk about doing it in Google Docs but I wanted to use the symbol anytime and was sure there had to be a keyboard shortcut...but this was an Acer Chromebook 15 with a different keyboard so how do I do it?

I was beginning to miss Windows...but then I saw my answer via a stranger in the Chromebook Forum. It was "a9!" I felt like I had the answer to the Ultimate Question Of Life, The Universe, And Everything. But it wasn't enough...

I found some Chrome extensions with the Unicode characters on them that copied the code/image automatically. Neither one I tried had the copyright symbol. WTF?

Then I looked at my new Chromebook keyboard instructions and found that I could hold Shift/Ctrl and by pressing "u" use a code to get the same types of symbols as a Windows keyboard. 

Then I realized the "u" was for Unicode and found the forum where I found the Unicode for the © symbol. It is a9.

This Is How You Do It

Press shift/ctrl together, hold them down, then press u, then press a, then press 9. When you're finished it says "ua9" but don't stop there! When you press the space bar afterward you'll see © (the copyright symbol.)

To get any other symbols look up the Unicode chart and do the same using the corresponding code. You can look that up yourself. "Okay, Google!"

So I'm sharing my find with you because I know I'm not the only writer with a Chromebook trying to figure this out. I love my new Acer Chromebook 15 and it's great not to have to deal with Windows. Enjoy!

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  1. Ok I must be a special kind of stupid today. I cannot make this work. HELP?? LoL

    1. Sure thing! Hold the shift and ctrl keys down at the same time. While still holding them down, press u, then a, then 9. When you let go it will look like this "ua9" but once you hit the enter key it will turn into this "©". I think you're confused by seeing "ua9" before you press the enter key. Let me know if you got it I'm sure you will. I was confused at first too.

    2. I mean, press the spacebar after "ua9" but enter should work too. I actually rewrote my article to make it clearer thanks for your help there!

    3. thank you so much!!
      I was an hour into the same long process you went through

  2. Replies
    1. You're so welcome! Thanks for coming by.

  3. the k/b shortcut works well for me. In email, address bar and documents. On an HP chromebook. Thanks, Bekkie

    1. When I first got my Chromebook I was nervous but it's all so easy especially without Windows! Thanks Mike!

  4. Bekkie YOU are officially my Chromebook HERO & I LOVE YOU!! lol

    I know this is an older post but I just HAD to comment to let you know that you are seriously my hero!! I, just like you, wasted countless hours trying to figure out how to insert the stupid, insert some really bad words here, © with my new Chromebook. I seriously spent half a day searching Wikipedia under Unicode and that was an insane process in and of itself!! You see, Google or really ALL search engines and I DO NOT get along!!

    Anyway... I totally gave up, which is not like me to do at all, but... I just couldn't continue to search endlessly for the TOP SECRET © CODE ya know?!?! Soooo, I just started using the onscreen keyboard and going into the emoji section to get the © but it was beyond frustrating and a major waste of time. So today I decided to "Google" "copyright logo code for Chromebook," ONE LAST TIME and by some sort of miracle your post popped up. YAY ME!!! AND, YAY YOU for saving the day with this post!! hahaha

    I also knew about Alt + 0169 for Windows computers because that is what I have always used until a few months ago and also like you I absolutely LOVE my Chromebook which is an Acer, an 11 not a 15, and I do not miss a single thing about a Windows based computer now that I have the TOP SECRET © CODE thanks to wonderful YOU and this post of course!! Sorry for the book of a comment, I tend to do that A LOT!! tee hee Anyway, I hope you have a FANTABULOUS day doll!!

    Much love,

    P.S. Sorry… One last thing I SWEAR!! I have a question/favor to ask of you… You see, I began writing a blog post of my own about my dilemma with this whole situation about a month ago and was waiting for a solution before I posted it in my series "My Blonde Problems" and wanted to ask if it was okay to mention you and this blog post in it?? I will not go forward with my post until I receive your answer and I swear it is nothing like this post whatsoever!! ;-) As the title of the series suggests I poke fun of myself & the “not so smart” moments I tend to have regularly. Hahaha!! Okay I’m done rambling… Please let me know if I may use your name, your blog name, and add a link to this post!! Thank you!! xoxo Lysa

    1. Sorry it took me a few days to respond Lysa I'm riding my touring bike every other day to compete and have been busy offline. I also write poetry with online groups and have been busy there. One reason I don't write here a lot anymore.

      I know how it is, being a writer I usually supply more words than it takes. Lol!

      Of course I don't mind you telling your own story about finding out how to do the © symbol on a Chromebook. After what I went through I knew there had to be more people like me looking which is why I wrote this.

      A mention of me and my blog post would be great after all, we are your source. Lol! Please come back and leave me a link to your story when you're finished. If you need anything more just ask.

      I'm an X blonde too, I say X because my hair is entirely silver now. I actually like it better! Lol! Waiting to hear from you and have a lovely Friday!

  5. Hi Bekkie!! I'm the one with the delayed response this time. lol I've been under the weather and my son and his family were in town the past few days so I haven't had time to think or sleep let alone get online. ;-) I appreciate you not minding me sharing your post and my story about the © symbol on a Chromebook!! I will come back to read more here on your blog this coming week. My son doesn't technically leave until tomorrow and I have two grandsons to spoil a little bit more before they head back to Oregon.

    I haven't written poetry in some time but once upon a time it was my favorite past time. Long before I discovered blogging. ;-) I wish you luck in your touring bike competition and be safe while riding.

    Wishing you a fantabulous weekend!!

    Much love,
    Lysa xoxo

  6. Bless your problem-solving heart!

  7. I love you...saved me so much aggravation!

  8. I love you...saved me so much aggravation!

  9. Hi there! I just found your site, as I'm teaching myself web programming (LearnCode.academy channel on youtube if anyone's interested); anyway, I too come from a Windows world... but recently my Windows hard drive failed, so until I can get a good hard drive & put windows 10 back on, I had to get a new Chromebook... believe it or not, I actually like it!!!!

    But how do you do Spanish characters.. the accent marks over a's, i's, e's, etc? It pisses me off to no end when I'm writing something on Facebook, talking to one of my old professor's, or just generally thinking out loud in Spanish..... and since there's no friggin' number pad.... ai ai ai!!!!!!!

    I still think Apple computers have it easier when it comes to accent marks..lol!!!

    Muchas gracias por la ayuda con el..... stinking spanish brain....lol.... thanks for the help w/ copyright symbol!

  10. Thank you for this! After trial and error I also discovered that control+shift+u+a+e = ® :D

    Thanks again

  11. Oh my gosh this works!!! You are my hero!!! You are right every other method recommended by Google didn't work but yours does! Thank you, thank you!


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