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Why Plus On Google+

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Why Plus On Google+

Starting out on Google+ no one seems to like plussing and once learned it's quickly forgotten. I never understood why "Like" and "+1" seem so different since they both convey the same type of information.

But it's not the same if you look closer plussing is a shorthand language and the perfect way to let our friends know what we are up to during the posting day. Google+ uses a notification system to let us know if someone or something is looking for us and it depends on you plussing to have it work and on time.

I've talked about tagging and let's look at it. To tag someone (plus them) is to send them a signal that you have;
  • read their comment
  • liked their post
  • saw what they wrote and agreed
  • want to share a private post (only between the 2 of you)
  • shared content with them
  • invited them to Hang Out
  • invite them to a post you are on or want them to see

and more. Nothing is worse than having a friend waiting for your post and them not getting it. Or you are waiting on something important and it doesn't show up. 

People like to blame Google+ for glitching but most of the time one or both sides are not tagging (plussing) correctly. If you forget your post will not be seen unless the person lucks onto it or resorts to looking on your profile for it. If it's more than a few days late good luck finding it.

It's so easy to tag a person when commenting on their post and it makes sure they see your comment right away. Even if they have time to follow their own post they may not see your comment until later. Time is a factor when communicating online make sure they see you commented by tagging (plussing) their username before you leave your comment.

To tag someone you type a + followed by their username. After the first few letters you will see a drop down menu pop up where you will find their name and select it. You have plussed (tagged, pinged, etc.) them successfully.

A name that is tagged correctly looks like this "+Bekkie Sanchez" and I will see it in my notifications. This "+Bekkie Sanchez" is not correct. See the difference? The second tag has no underline (the blue link is missing) so the system will not pick up on it.

I have found that mobile linking doesn't always work and the menu never comes up so make doubly sure your intentions are known to your friends on Google+ by tagging them however you can. On computer this never happens to me I reported it, next time send your feedback to Google it may be fixed. ~smirk~ As we know, mobile trolling has it's limits.

It's always good to show your friends and followers that you enjoy what they post by remembering to plus their posts. This is where Facebook, Google+ and most social networks are similar. It's all about what works, what's fun and what's going viral all voted on by us!

Using Google+ to your full advantage and learning the shorthand is the smart thing to do. It's a simple system that makes everyone's day easier but it must be put into practice to work. Google+'s notification system and the stream does not care or read minds it depends on us to tell it what we want from it.

Notifications should be checked constantly during the day the more the better.

"Google+ is not made up of equal experiences. There are newbies, trolls, regular Joe’s and then there’s the people who know." © Rebekka Sanchez

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