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Social Networking Etiquette

We've come a long way baby and how we interact with other people online has become extremely important whether it be on social networks, video calls or hangouts. One thing is certain if you spend any amount of time online you will be judged by how you act online.

There is no doubt about it the social networking giants are all the buzz. A research report I read today on the internet says that 51% of online Americans have joined a social network. Another 73% are consuming some form of social content on a regular basis on networks like Sony’s PlayStation. People are connecting with, listening to, following and collaborating with each other online at an amazing rate.

We are sharing just about everything with each other these days. Photos, recipes, plans, and even locations just to name a few of these things. Business people are using social networks to build their careers, promote themselves, their websites and their reputations. Networking is the social norm.

Some of the most popular social networking sites are Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter with LinkedIn catching up fast. Each one of those sites is uniquely positioned and serves a particular population or purpose. There are other online networking sites, numbering in the thousands, so at this point, they shall remain nameless.

After researching social etiquette I specially wrote these tips with Google Plus in mind. It’s no wonder people get confused we receive this technology quickly and it changes so much that we forget how to play nice with others while keeping up.

Social Network Etiquette-Community=Google Plus

1. Give more than you receive. If you want attention from others online you have to be willing to give it first. Become a good commenter and stay positive. If you’re in a bad mood stay offline!

2. Don’t be a keyboard gangsta. The worst thing about the Internet is the keyboard trolls. They’re the people who have to talk trash to everyone they meet. They say things online you would never say to a real person’s face. If you are this person I bet you’ve been blocked already. Get a clue.

3. Add value to the community at large. This means not posting things nobody cares about and not constantly promoting your own brand. Before you post anything to a social media site ask yourself; “Does this really add value to the community?” If not, reconsider posting it.

4. Don’t start arguments and sabotage others efforts. Drop all of your e-beefs and hatred. Don’t try to bury others just for the sake of getting ahead. Making enemies on social online media sites will get you nowhere and you reap what you sow.

5. Remember that cheaters never win. Sure, you might be able to get somewhere by cheating but eventually you’ll get caught. Once everyone sees you for the cheater you are, you can’t take it back ever. This applies to people who use more than one profile or websites that look good but are made to stay anonymous and cause trouble or spam.

6. Build quality relationships and get to know your friends online. People are more willing to help those who they really know. Remember relationships require the participation of both parties and you’ll always have someone in your corner and a network of useful people. To get help you should give always give it back.

7. Stop pushing the Envelope. One of the fastest ways to alienate people online is to constantly flood them with requests for helping you out. Whether you’re constantly asking people to comment on your blog or shouting your content, eventually, everyone will lose patience with you. People will learn to tune you out.

8. Respect the community. This is one of the most important rules of social media etiquette. Show respect to the people in the community. Just make sure you don’t step out of line and always treat others the way you want to be treated.

9. Listen to others. It’s easier to tell someone they are wrong than to take the time to listen to what they’re really saying. Understand where the people who comment on your post are coming from. You don’t know everything and you can learn from others if you’re a good listener.

10. Be accountable for your actions. Because of the anonymity the Internet allows, there is hardly any accountability online. Instead, try to be honorable by taking responsibility for your actions. People will respect you whether they agree with you or not. People want to be trusting, give them the opportunity.

11. Don’t step on other people’s posts. Repost responsibly and people will admire you for it. If you have a link to share do it on your own post and if you don’t like what you see instead of leaving a negative comment pass that post up. You catch more flies with honey than you do vinegar.

12. Use a photo for your profile picture and put some information on your profile. If you’re joining a social network why not be social? When a person see’s a blank profile and no picture at all they don’t make any connections about you and don’t want to deal with you. At least use some other image if you don’t want to show your mug online.

13. Be polite to one another. If you can’t be nice be civil and remember the common courtesy's you give people in your offline life and apply it online. One of these days you might be taking to someone who will give you you’re next job online and you don’t want to blow that! Can’t we just all get along?
This is my equation and I believe it works! Credibility+trust=Followers on Google Plus

Social media and online etiquette gives you a rough guideline on how you can communicate to online audiences without irritating anyone. When you operate above these minimum ethical requirements, you will gain credibility and trust among people.

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