Thursday, May 28

Running In Circles


This animated Gif is a good example of how our circles interact on Google Plus.

Using circles and following have been misunderstood by newbies. Choose a circle and you're viewing everyone’s content in that circle at that time. Change your circle and you have a different view.

Follow someone and you're following a person's single profile but you'll be putting them in a circle. Circles are used to group your friends and interests so you can find them easier.

You will find yourself asking:

How many circles should I have?
If someone adds me do I have to add them back?
Why have circles at all?
Will someone know when I circle them or when I don't?

These are just a few of the questions that could have you running in circles but armed with a few facts you will be using them to your advantage.

The Secret Of Circles

Circles are groups of people you decide to follow. If you follow someone it’s making them a daily friend because you will see their posts when you use that circle. You don’t have to ask them to be your friend or wait for an answer you can build and use your circles immediately.

You want to make your circles about friends, interests, or what you want to see online because whether you trade them or not it’s your own unique view of Google+. Each circle you make will offer you a different view of G+ than the Public stream. It depends on how many circles you make as to how many “views” you’ll have.

Don’t worry about what other people are doing they are doing the same thing and no one should take this process personally. Google+ was designed to be used this way and anyone who gives you grief about it should be blocked.

Facts About Followers

Followers are people who decide to circle you by personal choice. It’s what the other side is doing while you make your circles. It’s not the number of people you follow it’s the number of people who follow you that counts. When you start to gain followers you are notified as to how many on your profile.

You get followers by posting great content and giving out good conversation. You can’t buy, beg or borrow followers they have a mind of their own and you must learn what they want to get them.

People will try to encourage or ask people to follow and plus them. Not a good idea it can backfire when people decide you are begging for it. When you follow or unfollow you can be as fickle as you please about it.

It’s a fun challenge to post good content and accumulate followers. I like finding and creating rich content and getting as many followers as I can. There is no award for having thousands of followers just the satisfaction of networking with awesome people.

Some Things To Remember
  • Circles can be deleted if they aren’t working just start another.
  • You can follow G+ without any circles and you will still gain followers.
  • If you delete a circle it’s not personal. 
  • Some of the people with the most followers don’t circle anyone.
  • You can have as many circles as you want.
  • Followers are people who have circled you.
  • Include yourself in all your circles, everyone does.
  • No one has a say about who you follow, circle and who you don’t.
  • Having thousands of followers does not ensure popularity. 
Miscellaneous Facts

Learn how to block someone and use it liberally. There are new people to meet and life is too short to deal with strangers who mistreat you. Some people join social networks (like bullies in the real world) who only want to hurt or start arguments with you and if you let them you are playing into their sick schemes. Use caution, block but don’t be afraid of people most of them want to engage agreeably.

Have fun! Keep On Bloggin'!

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