Monday, April 8

Overview Imagined

Overview Imagined

I wish that I could see the earth from space
free from the trappings of my life and gravity
my imagination might free me from this plight
so I fancy myself an astronaut on my way to the moon.

Acceleration pulls at me as the rockets propel me forward
I feel another stage release and I clench my teeth as I pray
general confusion and dizziness fill my mind as I try not to be sick
then we are in orbit and I’m floating in my seat.

I slowly move to the window with great expectations
searching the bright dots I find the small ball of pale blue
it looks so peaceful and pristine, just hanging there
everything else fades away as I savor the sight.

Earth, without the complications of being there
a gorgeous living and breathing planet covered in life
no borders just land masses divided by blue waters
surely a paradise to those who live on the surface.

I realize I am seeing Earth as a whole for the very first time
and I feel completely different than I ever have before
witnessing the overview effect for the first time in my life
fills me full of hope as I re-enter the atmosphere…

…finding myself earthbound in my living room.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2017

“When we originally went to the moon, our total focus was on the moon. We weren’t thinking about looking back at the Earth. But now that we’ve done it, that may well have been the most important reason we went.”— Overview Institute co-founder David Beaver, retelling what one astronaut has said.

If we imagine the Overview for ourselves, forget our petty differences, self-importance, love of money and understand how fragile our existence is on the earth we may yet have a chance to fulfill our promise to keep it healthy. 

© Rebecca Sanchez

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  1. Bekkie this is a lovely imaginative poem. You are not on your own as you cringe my friend, so many people are as yet still unaware of all the damage we do to our planet and ourselves.. I just included a post on my other Blog Dreamwalker's Sanctuary which highlights the plight of our seeds...

    Yes we have a long way to go, but more and more are now being made aware of Our Earths Plight.. I will be sure to be adding something for Earth Day on both sites...
    Wishing you well...
    Hugs Dreamwalker xx

    1. I will go and check out your post, I like how you put that "the plight of our seeds" it's very true and descriptive. I am doing really well on G+ posting and one thing I'm doing with this power is telling people that we should do more. I'm posting pictures of Earth from the International Space Station and letting people know about the Overview and that there is such a thing. I am looking forward to Earth Day this year too, and am going to write special posts for that day. In the mean time I am trying to get other people aware, it's all we can do. That and make sure "we" don't have a bad foot print when we leave this world to others. Have a lovely weekend!

  2. this poem is nothing but full expression. i love it cvan only make me escape into my own mind of imagination!

    1. Good Mickey I hope it inspires you to greatness. Thank you for visiting me.


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