Friday, January 20

My Three Month Hiatus

It’s good to be writing again! I can’t even think of the last time my personal life made it hard for me to write. I’ve been blogging since I left AOL all those years ago. That’s a long time!

My website “Bekkie In Wonderland” actually started on Windows Live Spaces around 1990 something. I can’t think of the specific year now. It was a very rough looking site compared to what I have now at Blogger and when I remember those old posts I want to blanch with embarrassment over my writing skills. We all have to start somewhere though.

Windows Live was a good place to meet people and I met many of my online friends there. Friends I still have to this day (along with all my newer friends here at Blogger.) That was Windows Lives' heyday before they started dropping all kinds of services until they were down to Messenger, profiles and Spaces.

Then Windows Live informed us that they were dropping Spaces in 2009. They offered to transfer our sites over to Word Press and I agreed. I started a Word Press account and waited for my site (and work) to show up. It never did.

I licked my wounds and started blogging on Word Press. Hated it! I like to have my animated gifs and Word Press wasn’t having it. Also, I was using Windows Live Writer (I’m using it now) and although it worked with Word Press too, I just didn’t like the fit. (I've since given it up, MSN dropped Windows Live Writer in 2011 or so.)

It was the best thing that ever happened to me in my blogging career because in 2009 I wrote my first and last blog of the year on Blogger. My writing and my website have improved greatly since those fumbling early days and I have a website that I’m actually proud of now on Word Press. So where have I been lately?

In January of, 2012 I had a change of eyesight and found out I had developed an ocular hole in my right eye. Everything turned out fine but it was hard work and a frightening experience. I worked very hard to get that hole closed after surgery.

The end of November I noticed another change of eyesight. It was disheartening to say the least. I got pretty depressed and quit writing. I knew the hole had opened again and I’d have to go through it all again. No surgery is a piece of cake.

When I went to see Dr. Lam she told me that it had indeed opened and that I was one of 6% that had it happen again. She was surprised it had happened so fast. I had surgery again before Christmas.

I was so worried about my eyesight. I don’t need to really say it but eyesight is so precious. Losing it even in one eye is not an option I wanted to explore anytime soon.

After the gas bubble got smaller I began to be able to peek over it. I saw black and white spots all over the place. Even though it was one eye I could see them with both eyes. I decided it was better than being blind, and thought they must be permanent.

Last Monday I went to Union City to see Dr. Lam with a heavy heart. My eyesight seamed worse and the spots were everywhere I looked. I sat in silence during the ride soaked in my sullen thoughts.

Not only was the hole gone, but during surgery my doctor removed the tissue that was pulling and causing the hole to return. She also told me that the spots were only temporary caused by the gas bubble rubbing against the iris. (I didn’t have spots at all after the first surgery.) The nurse had tested my eyesight early in the visit and I was told my eyesight had actually improved.

I was dumbfounded. Then I experienced extreme happiness for the first time in what seemed like forever! I even let out a whoop while still at Kaiser. I’m keeping all my digits crossed that the hole doesn’t come back again. Did I tell you my eyesight is better? What an emotional merry go round I’ve been on in the last year.

The sight in my right eye isn’t perfect but I can see. If I’m looking at a line with that eye it will have a kink in it and words can swim around but if I’m patient I can read it. Also if a person is far away or the light is dim, one side of their face looks like a monster. (Yeah it’s hard to explain.) Actually my brain lets me see fine with both eyes. I feel like I won the eyesight lottery!

I will be posting regularly now and things are getting back to normal again. I really enjoy working on this website and I’m happy to be back. Thanks for all your support through this and I hope you will come and visit me soon.

Back, to Wonderland!

Keep On Bloggin’!


  1. Bekkieeeeee!!! Firstly it is really great to see you on here again :) I was really sorry to read about the reoccurrance of your eye problem, but thank goodness it has sorted out for the best, I am so pleased for you :D:D I had meningitis as a child, it left me with very bad eyesight in my right eye, so my left eye does all the 'seeing' but like you I can see fine with both eyes. I do have glasses for driving and watching the TV but I think I have done pretty good considering lol eyesight is just so precious!! Looking forward to reading more of your blogs, take care :D x

    1. Popppyyy!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I was so happy to hear from you again when I got my email and saw that you had stopped by. So we both know how lucky we are to have big brains that help our poor eyesight along. I'm going to need glasses now too. I could stand to have glasses anyway with this old person's eyesight. ;-)LOL! I have to wait for a few more weeks but I can't wait to get my new glasses. I've been lucky though, I can still see far away pretty well without glasses, but glasses will improve things. Thank you again for being not only a reader, but a treasured friend.

  2. Missed you, Bekkie ... was wondering many times what happened to you ... Glad to have you back ... Wishing you all the best health wise ... I fondly remember the WLS days ... still have 4 Spaces friends to this day ...

    1. Yes the old days at WLS. Seems like yesterday. LOL! So glad you stopped by Cat. I'm happy to see you again. Thank you for caring about my health you're a good friend. In fact, glad I met you through WLS. Sometimes I wonder what happened to some of those people. Remember Edith the crazy woman? Ha ha! Most of my friends on Spaces went to Facebook where they remain now. I don't like Facebook (I'm Google Plus) but I stop in to visit some people or I'd never hear from them. Hope you're enjoying your holiday. I'll drop in on you soon.


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