Wednesday, October 31

Welcome Home And Congratulations To The SF Giants!

The SF Giants won the World Series in 2010! Photobucket Awesome!

Now….in 2012;


The SF Giants win the World Series once again!Photobucket


They dominated the season and took no prisoners!Photobucket


Go  Photobucket

Thank you for all of your hard work, but it wouldn’t be anything without your hearts behind it. You are definitely a team with heart! Relax and enjoy what you have reaped. Bless You SF Giants!

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Halloween: Time To Fall Back

Google Halloween 2011

Photobucket Well it’s THAT time of year again when the goblins, ghosts and goofs come out of the woodwork to celebrate that fun holiday Halloween. Google has a really nice doodle to check out with lots of fun stuff to click on it for this year. If you happen to like the doodles that Google do’s you can go through this website to see all kinds of doodles, each of them dedicated to something or someone. Being an artist I’m a big fan of the doodles especially now that they do more than “look cool” and I’m a huge fan of Google as I’ve really enjoyed using Blogger for my website since Windows Live Spaces went away. My Blogger website can’t start to compare to my old one at MSN! Who knew at the time they were doing me a favor by discontinuing those miserable websites?

Today is Halloween and tonight is the witching hour. Are you ready with your costume? What did you dress up as? No one will ever guess my costume because as a lazy witch I don’t dress up. (At least for this year.) Tee hee!

ghosts I love a good Halloween party, what’s more fun then a holiday where you can escape being yourself and be anything or anyone you want to be? Hmmmm, almost like growing up and deciding what you want to be when you grow up, except a hell of a lot cheaper with none of the nagging worries about paying off school loans or finding and keeping a job, etc. I take it back, it’s NOTHING like an awesome Halloween night or party. I hope yours is frightfully fun!


I’m sure most of you are noticing that it’s almost time to set the clocks back again. Daylight Savings Time ends on Sunday Nov.4th. Either set them yourself (which you’ll forget about until you’re late for something) or do what I finally did. I bought those clocks that set themselves and they rock! They just use a radio wave and set the right time all by their lonesome as long as you set them to the right year. They have the date and temp too, I know I couldn’t do without them now.


The Giant’s came home and the parade in downtown San Francisco was a blast! The city came to a stand-still as we welcomed them home today. Did you see those guys kick ass this year? Two, count em’, two World Series Wins! 2010 was surprising enough but 2012 was a baseball season to remember forever. Whether you’re a Giant’s fan or not those guys sure play a mean baseball game.

How cool to celebrate Halloween and the Giant’s win today! Happy Halloween my friends!

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