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A Dragon Optical Illusion You Can Make Yourself

This Is The Year Of The Dragon

Dragon photo 22.gif

The Chinese Zodiac in 2012 is the Year Of The Dragon, so when I found this cool dragon illusion with instructions on how to make it I had to pass it on for those of you who might want to try making it. As you’ll see it’s very easy to make and a good project for children too.

Unlike our New Year holiday here in the USA the Chinese New Year may begin in January or February depending on the year it falls on. (See the Chinese Zodiac chart later in this blog.)

Before I show you the video and instructions for making the dragon illusion I found a great story from China while researching for this blog.

The first time a president from the USA visited China was President Richard Nixon in 1972. He met a smart and clever person during his visit, Mr. Yu, a well known scholar and asked him a riddle. He asked; “There are 12 items you can give to 1.2 billion Chinese and everyone gets one. Do you know what that item is?” Mr. Yu knew the answer right away of course. Do you know? See the answer * on the bottom of this blog to find out.

Now look at the Dragon Illusion video (the dragon looks at you wherever you move) and it’s freaky! When you see how it fools the eye you’ll be surprised. 

Now, how to make one? Here’s the template and instructions. It doesn’t matter what color you make them, just pick what you like.


I think this is easy enough to understand and I made one myself. It worked very well and is a cool optical illusion.

If you want to know what your Chinese Horoscope sign is check out the list I did below. I’m a Horse and have always loved horses so it was perfect for me. Of course someone born as a Horse in another time period would have different attributes just like with our Horoscopes.

  Fire Dragon

  Fire Dragon

Your Zodiac Animal Sign:
If You Are Born IN or AFTER Chinese New Year's Day at That Year You Are: 

year of ratRat (Mouse)

2/7/2008, 2/19/1996, 2/2/1984, 2/15/1972, 1/28/1960, 2/10/1948, 1/24/1936, 2/5/1924, 2/18/1912

year of oxBull (Ox, Cow)

1/26/2009, 2/7/1997, 2/20/1985*, 2/3/1973, 2/15/1961, 1/29/1949, 2/11/1937, 1/24/1925, 2/6/1913

year of tigerTiger

2/14/2010, 1/28/1998, 2/9/1986, 1/23/1974, 2/5/1962, 2/17/1950, 1/31/1938, 2/13/1926, 1/26/1914

year of rabbitRabbit (Hare)

2/03/2011, 2/16/1999, 1/29/1987, 2/11/1975, 1/26/1963, 2/6/1951, 2/19/1939, 2/2/1927, 2/14/1915

year of dragonDragon

1/23/2012, 2/5/2000, 2/17/1988, 1/31/1976, 2/13/1964, 1/27/1952, 2/8/1940, 1/23/1928, 2/3/1916

year of snakeSnake

2/10/2013, 1/24/2001, 2/6/1989, 2/18/1977, 2/2/1965, 2/14/1953, 1/27/1941, 2/10/1929, 1/23/1917

year of horseHorse

1/31/2014, 2/12/2002, 1/27/1990, 2/7/1978, 1/21/1966, 2/3/1954, 2/15/1942, 1/30/1930, 2/11/1918

year of goatGoat (Ram, Sheep)

2/19/2015, 2/1/2003, 2/15/1991, 2/28/1979, 2/9/1967, 1/24/1955, 2/5/1943, 2/17/1931, 2/1/1919

year of monkeyMonkey

2/8/2016, 1/22/2004, 2/4/1992, 2/16/1980, 1/30/1968, 2/12/1956, 1/25/1944, 2/06/1932, 2/20/1920

year of roosterRooster (Cock, Chicken, Hen)

1/28/2017, 2/9/2005, 1/23/1993, 2/5/1981, 2/17/1969, 1/31/1957, 2/13/1945, 1/26/1933, 2/8/1921

year of dogDog

2/16/2018, 1/29/2006, 2/10/1994, 1/25/1982, 2/6/1970, 2/18/1958, 2/2/1946, 2/14/1934, 1/28/1922

year of pigPig (Boar)

2/5/2019, 2/18/2007, 1/31/1995, 2/13/1983, 1/27/1971, 2/8/1959, 1/22/1947, 2/04/1935, 2/16/1923

Cloud Dragon

* The answer to Nixon’s riddle? Mr. Yu answered; “Yes. They are the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals Mr. President, sir.”

Of course because those 1.2 billion Chinese in that time were all born under the 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals.

Enjoy your week! My eye is getting better slowly but surely. Now that the gas bubble in my eye is getting smaller I’m having an easier time seeing over it. It’s hard to tell how it will turn out because my doctor said it will take at least 90 days to really tell if the surgery worked. I’m trying to keep my cool as I wait but at least I can start getting out of the house again.

BTW Thanks for all your support as I went through this, I so appreciate it! Hugs!

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Happy Valentines Day To You All




I Give You My Heart





I Love My Friends





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Hope you have the best Valentines Day ever! Take care!


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