Wednesday, March 16

Life's Brilliance

Have A Nice Day
Mark, also known as the Tank.

My friend Mark wrote these words just for me at a time when I really needed them and although it's been sometime now his words still deserve to be heard today. This is from an old blog but if you are having a bad day perhaps his words can help you too.
He's a Veteran, and a sweet man. Mark is an excellent writer and he says the words just flow through him and I believe it. I like to think of him as a "gentle giant" he's so considerate.

He's helped me think about my problems in a way that has really helped me in the past plus it's nice to know that someone does care that much to go out of their way to write a blog for you especially in hard times.
We have just had the horrific earthquake and tsunami in Japan that will forever change our world as we know it and we still all have problems of our own to contend with. It’s amazing how just the right words can move your soul.
To Mark, I pray that your soul finds peace through your writing and you have a long life to enjoy with your family and grand kids!
Life’s Brilliance*

Wonder do I what people see; be it a dandelion or a weed.
See you not the brilliant yellow; with the green of the leaves.
Or be it that what you see is just something unsightly.
They need nothing from man, yet held most contemptible by him.
Be this not like life, when what we see becomes unsightly.
That the harshness of life’s cruelty; be this when we see that which be a weed.
Oh could we not see the color of the dandelion, life’s brilliance.

*For Bekkie  © Words the windows to the soul

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