Tuesday, March 1

Too Many Guns

Do we really need another kind of gun?

Pirates are bad and we need to stop them. Now the Pentagon has an excuse and the headlines to contract Lockheed Martin and Teledyne Scientific & Imaging to make a .50 caliber rifle that can kill from a mile or more away. The money put into it so far? Altogether, 21.8 million dollars for a start and voiding technical difficulties it could be done by 2015.

The military needs the right tools for the job and I don't have a problem with them having the guns they need to protect themselves and our country especially during war although I'm against violence. I have 2 uncles whom were proud Marines so I know what they went through and I respect the military because of them. Unfortunately even military weapons of all types have filtered down to be had by the general public through illegal means and that includes sniper rifles.

President Kennedy's death comes to mind and he isn't the only one to die from a sniper. All you have to do is look at the news reports. Guns and the stupid people using them are causing more deaths of innocent people in the U.S. then ever before. Most states are practically handing them out to the public and countless non-military people even obtain permits to carry that gun until it is pried out of their cold dead hands.

Even if you don't own a gun I bet you know someone, a family member or friend (not in a job that requires a gun) that does. There are more guns than people to shot them. With a permit to carry a person can take their gun on airplanes, buses, trains anywhere they go in this country in any public venue.

I personally know many gun-totting Americans. Not only are they proud of it they have more than one gun to their name and most of them have never went to a shooting range to practice shooting these guns. My father was one of these people and he died by his own hand gun in 1990 after which the Indiana police were quick to hand that same gun over to my brother who took it back to Florida. The Indiana police should of destroyed that gun.

If a gun is just handed over to another person where is the gun control? Criminals have been caught with all kinds of illegal guns with silencers and guns that have been altered. The police (who are sometimes the problem) can't keep up and the murder rate caused by guns has gone up alarmingly. Hand guns can be bought very cheaply on the street with the serial numbers ground off, ready for a new crime.

If the military need this supergun and it saves solders lives I'm all for it but a supergun isn't going to stop bombs and other terrorism in our modern day world. We have so many weapons at our disposal already I just feel like that much money could be better spent.

So many have so little and we already have an expensive war that (along with oil prices) has brought our economy down even more. The people making guns and bullets still have their jobs and are making good money at it.

There was a plan to stamp serial numbers on bullets for more control and although I haven't heard anything about it lately it would sure make it harder to commit crimes with all guns. Better yet if there were no guns then people would have to fight hand to hand and I feel it would be a lot more fair. Maybe one man would think twice about attacking another and the death rate from shootings would go away. Or maybe I'm just dreaming of a better less violent world without guns and the people who almost worship them.

What a beautiful dream that would be, without guns! What do you think about guns?

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