Friday, February 25

What Is Up With The DMV?

Just in case anyone thought I was ignoring them this week that wasn't the case! I was really busy with some legal problems for my upcoming trial and I'm FINALLY done with the incompetent DMV about my drivers license.

Of course it's not just the DMV, the whole government is a horrible mess and along with our backward economy it's hard to keep up and keep your rights at the same time. In this cause I was trying after 41 years of having a good driving record with the DMV to keep my record and driving privileges after being taken to the hospital last July.

It should of been easy, at the time they had thought I had a seizure on the way to the hospital. (I was fighting for my life for God's sake!) After finding no reasons for me having seizures or any other problems before they released me they did tell me that for legal purposes they had to tell the DMV I had a seizure.

If things would of worked out the way they were suppose to, when I got the papers filled out by my doctor for the DMV it should of been over with. The Safety Division of the DMV didn't think that was good enough so they required me to have an eye and physical driving test. What’s funny is I had never had a driving test proper. I took Health & Safety in high school and Indiana didn’t require a physical driving test if you took and passed that class.

I went for the test and got a very young Asian man as my tester. He wasn't very friendly and made me nervous. Then I made the ONE stupid mistake I could of to fail the test immediately. When I made a left hand turn onto a street that was one way on one side my car tire went over the bumps on the yellow straight lines for a second. It was enough and he failed me.

No problem, I was told I could reschedule another. So I called and did so for Dec. 9th (which was the next week) so I thought I was lucky to be getting such an early appointment. I had called the DMV at their number like I was told so was I surprised! I went for the new drivers test and waited forever and finally they told me it wasn't in the computer so I didn't have a test to take.

I was so angry I had my roommate film me ranting about it in front of the DMV. I was going to get them. Gosh I was mad. They were careful not to say I was lying to them about calling the DMV for this, yet they WERE calling me a liar because they said I didn't speak to anyone or it would be in the computer. OMG!

Then I got another test date after that in the mail telling me to show up in Daly City which isn't the DMV I go to which is right by my house. I don't even know my way around Daly City. With that test date they also restricted my drivers license (which I was told wouldn't happen) to only being able to drive with someone over 24 years of age and only during the daylight. So I had to call and tell them I needed an appointment for San Mateo.

So I got my appointment in the mail for San Mateo but it wasn't until Feb. 24th at 8:45am, a long time to wait! This paperwork said my license was not restricted like I was told in the first place. Can you believe, much less follow this mess?

I was still driving my car and it's lucky I didn't get stopped because then I would of had to explain the DMV's paperwork to a cop. I can imagine how that would of went trying to explain the inefficacy of an agency that they have to back.

I am now ecstatic because yesterday I got up and took my test and passed it. They also said there were no restrictions on my license. (Hey, they are suppose to know.) Also I did really well! You can get up to 20 things wrong (unless it's a huge mistake) and my score was a low 5! I really am an excellent driver after all.

Before my test I was driving around the neighborhood and I was going through an intersection with two stop signs and two through streets. I had the right of way (it was sprinkling rain too) and a huge pick up truck (for any of you who read my dream blog) ran his stop sign and we almost had an accident. Luckily I put on my brakes gently (because it was slick) and I stopped right before I hit him. All he did was shrug his shoulders, laugh and take off. Leaving me to contemplate my upcoming drivers test and what would of happened to my test today if we had gotten in an accident.

I'm just glad this week is over and I'm done with anyone questioning me about driving my beloved car where ever I wish, anytime I wish! Our freedom to drive is only contingent to what the state we live in has to say about it and they are underfunded and understaffed. And most of them are idols besides.

It was a hectic experience but I'm done with it now and things should be back to normal with me still being able to drive legally.

DMV = Dumb Men and women, hassling you about your Vehical.

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  1. almost sounds like you were talking about the UK. cuts, arsehole beaurocrats, arshole drivers.
    glad it's sorted' xxxxxxx

  2. Have a great Weekend Bekkie,,,

  3. Glad your still Driving your beloved car Bekkie, she looks a beaut. and so glad you avoided that truck...and he didnt flip you off, your dream may have come true...LOL

  4. Hellooo Sweetie! How the heck are you? I know. I know. Dumb question as I just read your entry. But besides this BS, I do hope that you have been keeping well. After all, there's so much more to you, then just what you are going through.

  5. Good one Monkey, and you are so right! Is your lappy sorted now? I'm waiting to cam with you Brian! Miss you my good friend! Big hugs! ♥

  6. You are so right Summer, and so funny! Love your sense of humor. It is a good thing the truck driver didn't flip me off! Lmao! Summer I still am having some probs leaving comments on your blogspot, that's why I'm leaving them here. Got any idea's why? ♥

  7. I had a wonderful weekend LJ and hope you did too! You are the best! ♥

  8. Seth, I didn't realize my blogs sounded like I wasn't happy. I'm feeling really great actually! Do you have an account here? You can leave comments on Blogger but I can't leave them on your Wordpress because I don't have an account. I opened one, but it didn't work or move my blogs, plus there's no live feed on it and it didn't take apps so I love where I'm at! Blogger is the BEST I think! You are right about the crap people say (I'm so glad to be away from Edith she was a horrible pain in my side) and other people like her! I am so glad to be away I don't need to worry about them, I am just glad to not have to deal with them again! How is it going, are you still teaching? My chin is up and I'm feeling great, especially since I heard from you again! Luv ya! ♥


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