Thursday, June 17

Nerve Damage To My Left Hand

I fell asleep at my desk after a long night on the computer and woke up with a numb left arm. Thinking it fell asleep I tried to wake it up. My arm got feeling back but I couldn’t control my left wrist or hand. I was dumbstruck as to what was wrong.

I have fallen asleep at my computer a zillion times and never had a problem like this no matter if I woke up with keyboard lines on my face. (Which has happened before.) Why this time? I had no good answer.

As I continued to look at my new problem I kept trying to control what couldn’t be controlled. My wrist would flop around as I tried to lift my hand up and down. It looked awful! My fingers wouldn’t work and my wrist wouldn’t turn. I really did it this time.

I'm used to touch typing and right now I can't do it with my left hand so I have to do half and half. No using my finger to type either. It is really scaring me, this time I pinched my hand and it caused my wrist and fingers to lose some function.

I already have bad knees and now this! I have never been so scared in my life, only some function has come back...I'm trying to get into my Doctor's for tomorrow but they aren't known to be fast. We will just have to see I guess. I'm in God's hands now.

To do anything that takes any finesse with my fingers fails and my wrist flaps around like the boneless man at a freak show. I can move it only not very fast with some control. Losing even some hand/wrist motions is very sobering. I hope it’s not permanent!

I can’t write so that’s why I haven’t been posting much lately. I’m lucky to get this up and it took me awhile to do it. I’ll update you on this new problem as soon as I find something out. I can only pray that it will go away.

Keep On Bloggin’!

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