Wednesday, April 21

Trouble In My Neighborhood

Usually, my neighborhood is quiet without much crime. Once they found a dead homeless guy across the street but he wasn't murdered just unlucky in life. I live on the bottom of Nob Hill, about 5 blocks away from the beginning of the Tender Loin which is a bad neighborhood full of live sex clubs, bars and other places you wouldn't want to walk through. The trouble usually stays down there so it hasn't been a worry. Until now.

Sunday night one of my building's tenants, a woman was outside across the street. She got her purse taken by gunpoint and if that wasn't shocking enough we had to have our front (security gate) retooled because they also got her keys. So yesterday I received my new key and was glad to have it done so quickly before someone tried to get in and rob us or worse. Again!

I have lived here since 1998 and in all of that time, only one crack head cat burglar broke in (we still don't know how) gaining entrance to our roof. Lucky for me I was home that day watching TV because I heard someone running around in the then empty apartment upstairs from me. Then I heard someone on the fire escape so I walked into my kitchen to the window and got a real shocker!

My window (which I only leave open on top) was open on the bottom and as I got up to the window a girl appeared on my windowsill. First I saw her hands were empty as she was grabbing the sides of the window to get in and she had a huge backpack on so I grabbed the straps and yanked her in. This made her fall to the floor. Not knowing she was on crack she jumped up right away and the fight started. My kitchen knives where right there but I didn't feel like killing someone that day so we fought, knocking things over in the kitchen as I asked her who she was and what was she doing on the fire escape.

Her eyes told the whole story, her pupils huge as she mumbled; "I gotta get out of here!" Over and over, in fact, it sounded like a chant. Since she had been in the apartment above me and it was the same as mine she was pulling me towards my door to get out. I couldn't hold her so I let her go and dialed 911.

Wouldn't you know it there had been a policeman across the street and he had seen her coming in my window so he was already on his way here. The front door was being guarded so I figured she was hiding in our huge basement somewhere. By then the manager came to take over and they told me to stay put and went off looking for her. They didn't find her anywhere but I figured she was still in the building in the basement. They got my report on it and left.

Not much later the manager went to his workroom in the basement to get something and she was hiding in there and she jumped out at him. He started yelling at her and she walked up and slapped him in the face! I wasn’t there so I don’t know how he kept her until the cops came back but they came and took her off.

They came back later and had me pick her picture out of a "line up" on a piece of paper (not at the police station like on TV) and although she had her eyes all scrunched up in her mug shot I picked her out easily. Thank God I was home or my apartment would have been trashed and everything would have been taken.

I found out she had been in jail for this before, not only that but she had another woman who was in jail at the time and they had both been cat burglars for crack money together in this neighborhood and the surrounding area for a while! I thought it would be cut and dried. She would be in jail for a while this time. The police said she would get drug treatment which they didn't make her do last time.

When I got to court the first thing the prosecutor asked me was why I didn't shove her out of my window! There's a huge hole in fire escapes and I'm on the 4th floor which is why I didn't do it when she broke in. So I told him; "Yeah, that way I'd be in jail for manslaughter if she died when she hit the cement!" What assholes! I told him; "You know it's true!" So the prosecution decided they didn't want me involved in the court case and instead had our building manager do it.

This girl didn't get anything! I went to her last hearing and sat in the front row to make sure she saw me and when our eyes met I gave her a look she sure did understand! (I'll just let you imagine that one!) Then I heard her sentence and couldn't believe it! She had been in jail for 2 weeks by then. She only got a month in jail (time served included) so she was getting out in two weeks! And she didn't get any drug treatment program either! She wasn't even put on probation! OMG, my friends no wonder people keep breaking the laws over and over. It's because the state doesn't want to pay for them to get the treatment they really deserve so they keep getting off. Makes me ill!

Thank god I didn't shove her out of my window or it would have been me in jail I just know it!

So my nice neighborhood is getting worse, we have rent control and the courts are letting them do whatever they want so it's about time for Bekkie to move out of here and take her Wonderland somewhere better. Especially now that criminals are coming this far down with guns to rob us or worse!

Good-bye San Francisco I'm getting out of this place and moving to San Mateo. I will not pay $1,200.00 for an efficiency apartment where they are getting away with screwing us out of our last pennies while the rental court helps! When I moved in here it was only $735 a month! I'm done with it, time to move.

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