Saturday, January 16

My Homeless Friend Letica

I met a girl in her 20’s that I liked although I didn’t know she was homeless until we got to really talking. Actually she wasn’t “homeless” anymore because she had just received a place of her own to lay her head through the state of California.

Her story though is the story of a lot of homeless people these days. They never planned to end up on the street it just happens. No friends or family to help you and the economy in the gutter and all of a sudden, there you are homeless with no where to go and no money in your pockets.

She had a bed at a homeless shelter even though she got beat up there. It was still a positive thing because she finally got housing through that shelter the beginning of the New Year. I went to see her place and it's smaller than mine but it's not a bad place. They have counseling, art classes, 2 kitchens they all share, a nice laundry room and more.

She didn't have any sheets, clothes, pillows or blankets so she's sleeping on a bare bed now. I have a “free box” in the basement of my building so I gave her a bunch of things I got from there. I gave her some old sheets of mine and some cloths. At least she has a room to herself and a bed to sleep on in a warm, safe place.

Wednesday of this week I took her out and we went down to Pier 39 in SF and walked around then I bought her lunch. (She was worried about me spending too much money on her for that!) After a great lunch we walked around some more (it's so pretty down there) and then took the cable car all the way back up to the end of the line. It was so much fun! All this time I have lived here and never rode the cable cars so it was awesome! It was a good day for the both of us!

I had her over my place on Thursday. We watched TV and she used my computer to check email and stuff. She usually does it at the library since she doesn't own a computer. We played with my web cam and here's a picture of us goofing off that day. She's in the front and I'm behind her.

Picture 117

Letica & I at my place in San Francisco.

I was pleasantly surprised when I found out she played guitar, writes wonderful poems, songs and sings like an angel! She has a lot of talent so I hope she stays on the right path. The girl I went out with was so sweet, she just needed a friend. I could tell she was very lonely and as long as we are friends I'm helping her out. Just until she learns to get her life back the way she wants it. She had become lost for awhile.

We have all been lonely at times right? I don't know about you, but I myself was homeless once a long time ago. Luckily I found a job and got my life back together quickly but you feel so helpless.

I was living in Madison, Wisconsin then, (this was before I went to school or worked at the Geology Museum) and was on welfare. For me it was only two weeks before I got a job and got off welfare. I sure am glad it wasn't longer because it was in the Winter so I was lucky that welfare got me a place to live right away. I was living in my quarter-ton van before that but it was too cold. That first Winter the snow was up to my knees when I had to walk around looking for a job!

So I know what it’s like although I never got beat up or had to stay one night in a shelter. I had a twin bed mattress in my van and it was nice really. Too bad it had to snow.

So that's where things stand now and she could benefit from some good thoughts and prayers because she still has a long way to go. We are still in touch.

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