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The Language Of Plussing

Why is it so important on Google Plus?

We go on social networks to be social but how do you find other people in the big bad stream? And why should one bother to plus?

Google is a big network when looking to connect with someone. That’s why Google came up with the +1 social shorthand to track each other.

When using any language it’s important to learn the basics. The technical term pinging is what Google calls plussing and whether you know it or not you do it everyday.

What if you want to talk to a person?

I have hundreds of friends in the stream so how do I find just one?

To send a post to a person type a + and the persons username immediately afterwards. After typing 2 or 3 letters a menu will pop up to choose from. You can send to one or more usernames on the same post it’s up to you. Unless it’s a very common username the menu should pop up quickly. Common usernames can be harder to find because the list is longer.

You can send these posts public, private or both but check before you post private to make sure you aren’t overlooking the public setting. You can send it public/private to someone so watch it!

People in your circles come up first when pinging someone so if you have a hard time finding the username on the menu go and add the person to a circle and they will be there next time. Always give a person time to see their notifications and answer.

How can a person tell if I plussed them?

If I can’t find their plusses how can I expect them to find mine?

You are beginning to use notifications and they will do the same looking through their notifications and will see that you did. Always give them time to see your messages because we all use notifications differently. If someone just won’t answer and it really bothers you take them out of you circles it wasn’t meant to be.

In your settings you determine how you want to be notified and what you want to be notified about. Your settings are important and if you haven’t looked at them yet I would suggest you do so now and see how your notifications are set up. They are a most useful tool on G+ use them right and they will serve you.

I am want them to see my post or comment right away!

Just because a friend is online doesn’t mean they are watching for you like a hawk so what can you do?

Don’t wait if you want someone in particular to see your post or comment ping them on it. I make a practice of plussing (pinging) every time I do anything on G+ because my friends will see it faster in notifications.

Why give people plusses at all?

Other people don’t plus so why should I?

It’s true that people are lousy at pinging each other I see it everyday but why let that ruin your online experience? Communication skills are everything on a social network just like offline and the better you are at it the more people will want to include you!

Try going without talking all day offline and see where that gets you. You can be sure your friends will miss out on a lot but you don’t have to.

Here are a few examples of what the language of plussing can tell you.
  • +1 on a post-I like it! 
  • +1 on a comment-I saw your comment and am letting you know. 
  • +1 on a comment-I liked what you said but don’t want to comment myself. 
  • +1 on a comment-I agree with you! 
  • +1 and Reply (ping) about the same comment-I want to add or answer this and here’s my comment to see. 
  • +1 on anything-Going to tell Google your preferences, likes, dislikes and other things about you. 
If you watch people that do plus you will see successful people who move effortlessly around G+ communicating freely and using it to their full advantage. Follow their lead.

Everyone on G+ waits to get plusses don’t fool yourself. As a newbie remember how you felt when you got your first plusses? How did it feel when you got no plusses?

If you hate a post or dislike a person you certainly wouldn’t want to plus them but maybe they shouldn’t be in your circles anyway.

By using this social shorthand to navigate G+ you will have an easier time finding your friends and understanding what’s going on. Your friends will know you appreciate their posts and I have found as a side effect of plussing often you get circled often.

It’s a plus-plus situation. (Wink, wink.)

Sources: My knowledge of G+, G+ and search.

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