Thursday, May 28

Messaging People On Google+ You Don’t Know

What you should know about it and why you shouldn't do it!

You want to get to know someone on G+. You like their posts, you like their profile photo and their profile About is the best! You have commented on their posts and they commented back! You want to tell them how much you like being their friend on G+ and more so what’s next? How can you do this more privately? Then it comes to you-Hangouts messaging!

I’m warning you now, don’t do it and ruin what could be a good online friendship! I have an example below that you need to see of what happens after being friendly to a guy on my posts that made the wrong decision. You will notice how patient I was with him and I can guarantee most people will not be the same.

First, let me point out that two people are involved in messaging YOU and THEM. So you better make sure THEM wants to hear from YOU. And make sure it’s at a proper time for whomever’s time zone you are messaging it makes all the difference!

What is it about telling someone you don't want to get messages from them? It's like waving a red flag to a bull, some people take it as a darn challenge to see how many times they can wave the cape without the bull striking! People like this who I'll call "Dick." Dick is now blocked and next time I'll just be a little less nice when another fool does this to me!

Messages sent to me on a Sunday before a music hangout I was waiting for. I didn't know this guy yet but saw him on my posts and thought he was going to the hangout. He had messaged me before at all times of the night and day when he had a stray thought in his head. I finally looked at his profile and his movements on my posts. This was our first and last “conversation.”

Sun, 9:52 AM Dick: Don't drink too much and smoke also

Sun, 9:53 AM Me: What's up?

Sun, 9:53 AM Dick: We need you always healthy

Sun, 9:53 AM Me: Going to the music hangout?

Sun, 9:54 AM Dick: If their is too cold take proper precation

Dick: Bye

Sun, 9:54 AM Me: Bye!

(Later that SAME day.)

Sun, 11:33 PM Dick: Good moring

(Obviously this guy who I found out is a quality control engineer in India can't deal with time differences or spelling. Don't they speak English there?) And don't you dare say I'm racist anyone can be an idiot!

Sun, 11:40 PM Dick: Let us start the day from a qote Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in loveI it is only your sharing love towards society.....

Sun, 11:48 PM
(I did not answer him and was wondering by now who he thought he was and I knew he wasn't in the music hangout.)

Mon, 4:06 AM Dick: Hey,
I just downloaded WhatsApp Messenger on my Android.

It is a smartphone messenger which replaces SMS. This app even lets me send pictures, video and other multimedia!

WhatsApp Messenger is available for Android, iPhone, Nokia, Windows Phone and BlackBerry and there is no PIN or username to remember - it works just like SMS and uses your internet data plan.

Get it now from and say good-bye to SMS!

Tue, 10:42 AM Me: Please don't message me like this I don't really know you and I don't chat unless I know someone well. As an electronics technician I don't need you to recommend applications to me. You can't possibly know what I need. The other day you woke me up messaging me. Please stop now.

Tue, 10:49 AM Dick: K sorry

Dick: If you hearted

Dick: Actually just now started using whats up

Dick: Thats y even though sorry

(Yes these are all separate messages each one bugging me a little more! What is wrong with people???!!!!!)

Dick: U r so elder then me I can't actually do this with u

Dick: I even don't no much abt this electronic media and all

Dick: I think u r very strong in this area

Dick: Any how m upset

Dick: U misunderstood me

Tue, 10:54 AM Me: I asked you nicely and you keep messaging me! What is wrong with you?

Tue, 10:54 AM Dick: Just frankly I sent same as I sent to collegements

Dick: You always so kind and caring

Tue, 10:56 AM Me: I try to be nice to everyone, but losing one follower is not going to ruin my day. You must listen when people ask you to do something. Do you think I wait all day and night to get messages from you? No, I have a life offline that you know nothing about and you see me online and think you know me. You don't!

Tue, 10:57 AM Dick: But u told me stop now I felt very bad

Tue, 10:57 AM Me: It's a social network and I will be social on it but I don't have to be social here. You are a crybaby on my posts too. I don't care if you feel bad I'm not your mother! If you answer this I will block you.

Tue, 10:58 AM Dick: Thats y I msged contineously to convince u m not bad person

Tue, 10:58 AM Me: Okay. When I get online consider yourself lucky if I don't block you.

(Since I do have a life offline and it was Thanksgiving I was pursuing it and forgot to block him. Big mistake!)

Tue, 10:58 AM Dick: Happy Thanksgiving. .

(I was busy and didn’t see this until Friday or I would of blocked him sooner. He took it as a good sign.)

Thu, 12:22 PM Dick: Now you ok can I talk some thing..

Fri, 12:11 PM Me: I don't know what's wrong with you. I asked you to leave me alone with the messaging. It's sad you're a quality control engineer because you can't even follow directions. I don't like men who cry like babies and can't listen. I was thinking I was dealing with a teenager but this is worse! I was a newbie on G+ not even a year ago and if I had sat around bugging people in messages and whining about being upset I'd have no followers or friends online now. Good luck with that and you are now blocked. If you keep this up people will not like you and you will be blocked by others who aren't as patient as I was.

Now He is now blocked! I want so bad to put his name down. How many of you have ran into adults like this and wondered WTF is wrong with them????

"I pity the fool....." Mr. T

Before you say that you’d never do this think about it. Hasn’t everyone seen someone online that you are absolutely attracted to and don’t know why? You want to “know” this person better and this is the only way. Posts and comments are still one step away from talking to someone live. Just once can’t hurt and I’m sure they’ll like me when they know me!

No! Don’t do it! Take it from me if they don’t get friendly with you on a public post they are most certainly not going to welcome you into their private lives. When you are messaging someone you are talking to them in their homes one on one. Even if they don’t answer you they will “see your message” eventually.

Don’t be rash and ruin something when you could have been friends. Take your time online and know your friend first! Another good rule of thumb is simply ask them if you can message them. If they want you to they will say yes!


  1. ... nothing wrong with blocking peeps ... glad u r back in wonderland, Bekkie ... so much more comfortable here ... Love, cat.

    1. I did all of these Google+ articles on another blog of mine I just deleted. I'm done with my writing about Google I did this before I was writing so much poetry.

      Yes I turned off Google+ comments on all my blogs (I have 4 now.) I will be writing in Wonderland again and I look forward to it and seeing more of you Cat! Hugs and kisses! Enjoy your Friday!


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