Monday, March 25

The Hangman Game Is Still Challenging


I found this older Hangman game on my computer and decided to played it again. I love Hangman, especially this one because it has categories and gives you more to reveal. I have always been fond of word games and crossword puzzles. Hangman is one of those games.

What is hangman? In its purest form, hangman is a word game played between two people. One person selects a secret word, and the other tries to determine the word by guessing it letter-by-letter. In this game it’s the same only you are playing the processor instead of a person and the Hangman is drawn for you.

Don’t worry, you can still be hung by the neck until you die.


Once you get a few letters in the hangman puzzle, the game becomes easier. The solution set is drastically reduced, and skills like pattern matching and word knowledge become important. It’s crucial to get that first letter in the puzzle as soon as possible. Which letter should you guess first?


Rules Of The Game

1. First pick a category.

2. Look at the blanks they will tell you the target words length. No other information is known about the target word, other than its length.

3. You guess the letters that go in the blanks, one-by-one at each turn. If a called letter appears in the solution, all occurrences in the solution are filled in.

4. If the letter does not appear in the solution, the game adds one element to the drawing of the stick man (to complete the stick man.)

5. If the hangman drawing gets completed (eleven incorrect letters), then the game has won and you are hung. If all letters of the word are revealed before this happens, then you win.

There are a few strategies to remember to win. All letters are not used equally. It’s rare that the letter Q appears in a word, if you get a Q you will probably need a U and the letter T is used a lot more often. Guessing the vowels first is good. Also, the number of the letters in the word and the category you choose is already a given.

Games like this although simple are good for your brain and when played can improve the way your mind works, recognition and cognitive thinking. Exercising your brain can fight off brain disease, brain apathy, Dementia and Alzheimer's.

Sources: the Internet, Luminosity

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