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Dozens And Dozens Of Toppling Dominoes



Dominoes is a well known game played and enjoyed by all ages. The oldest confirmed mention of dominoes comes from China in the Yuan Dynasty (1271–1368.) They were made out of bone and ivory.

The early 18th century witnessed dominoes making their way to Europe, making their first appearance in Italy. The game changed after translation from Chinese to the European culture.

Now dominoes are made of all kinds of materials including domino card sets, which come just like a pack of cards. Watch out so they don’t blow away if you play dominoes outside.

Besides social games, dominoes can be used for the absorbing and fascinating pastime of domino toppling.  Stand a number of domino tiles on their edge in long sequential lines, then topple the first one, which knocks the second over, which topples onto the third, which falls onto the next, and just continues in a chain reaction that eventually results in all of the dominoes falling, one after an other.

Millions of dominoes have been arranged and toppled like this in huge displays of impressive domino lines and patterns that take several minutes to fall.  This chain of events with one domino tile toppling the next and so on, has become known as the "domino effect".

Here’s some different examples of domino toppling. I like that they are colorful, have movement and are fun to watch.

This is a 25,000 domino setup that I built with Petmagnetetal a few weeks ago for Operation Enfant Soleil and Familiprix. This project took two days to build and there were no breaks! Hevesh5


Over one million dominos fall in this world record attempt. More videos like this at:


This is the longest domino line made by me with 7300 Stones. 10asti10

This is the biggest 3D Domino Pyramid (27x27) built with standard, un-weighted dominoes. DominoProduktion

Over 11.000 Dominoes, it took about 2 weeks to build. BerserkerBerlin

I picked five styles of toppling to show the differences in them. The “Domino Toppling World Record,” music history one blew my mind! I watched it four times now. We even got a view from above. (Shaky camera work and bad camera angles being two of my biggest gripes about watching these.) Those record players and the city, outrageous! That was my favorite.
I also liked the pyramid and the other shapes that are stacked up to fall in different ways. When I was looking for video examples I only saw a few that used real dominoes anymore. Now they like to use dominoes that are hollowed out on each side to make them lighter and easier to stack and of course the more colors the better. The clear color made a nice effect.
Source: YouTube & Wikipedia
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