Saturday, February 2


Check out this work with spheres by Ion Lucin, from Bilbao, Spain.

He wrote;

The idea with which i started this animation was:

- experiment and explore all the graphical possibilities of representing a sphere

- always play with the form and achieve Gestalt

- work with a 3D software but achieve a graphical and flat result

- synthesize the form, the color, the movement

- the morphing and metamorphose of the shapes must be fluid and continuous

Software: Cinema 4D and After Effects for compositing and post.


Spherikal from Ion on Vimeo.

For more information and work from Ion Ion check out the links under the video.
I have always liked animations like this. What a lot of work it was to put this together. Remember, every change in the sphere is one static image put together to make it move and change. It takes a lot of planning. I like the music too, enjoy.

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