Friday, February 8

Posting And Publishing With Windows Live Writer

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Take a big sip of that coffee and face the day because it’s Friday, the day I wait for after every Monday morning. Tee hee!

I recently changed my layout here and I’m very pleased with the results. The old layout was stuck (for lack of a better word) and Blogger wouldn’t let me put a new background on it. I was so tired of the day-glow colored mushrooms and wanted them gone. They were so yesterday.

Not for lack of trying I decided to change my color scheme instead. No go. Just as I was cursing Blogger out I eyed the other layouts. They seemed to be beckoning me to look at them. I didn’t have anything to lose and I had faith that Blogger would keep my content intact as I tried some of them. As long as I didn’t click on Save I’d be OK.

I saw this Picture Window layout and it was like at first sight. I am still searching for my own perfect background for this new look, this being the first time I ever used one of the Blogger backgrounds. In the mean time, this is a very nice look for me and I’m not in a hurry to change it.

I changed almost everything else about this layout. Because I’m a pretty fair webmaster and artist I have (my own) standards for any website I put up. I have been on two social networks now with Bekkie In Wonderland. One was Windows Live Spaces and after WL dumped those spaces and sent us to Wordpress I found Blogger. Blogger beats out all other blogging platforms as far as I’m concerned. If I had my old site next to this one right now the difference would be night and day.

Then I looked up an older post and got an unpleasant surprise. When I changed my post background from white to black and my lettering from black to white I was upset when I realized a lot of my older blogs didn’t make the change with me.

It’s not a Blogger design problem or anything. When I first started blogging my inexperience was shouting out to the rooftops….”she doesn’t know what’s she’s doing!” And it was so true, my writing was atrocious. I hadn’t started using Windows Live Writer yet and I was using all kinds of different fonts, colors, font sizes and wasn’t putting regular breaks in my posts. So I have no one else to blame that I have to go through these posts and straighten them out after changing my layout and colors recently.

It’s not like I have to do them ALL over, only some really old posts. In the meantime if you are reading any of these old posts I apologize for the black on black mess and the crooked images. They are readable but I’d wait a week until I get them straightened out.

For all you bloggers out there the best advice I can give you is to use Windows Live Writer for all your blog proofing needs. If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s free to download and use. It came out in 2010 for Microsoft Office but it’s a stand-alone proofer. You can use it for more than one account and it’s a tool I can’t do without. It’s so much better than the proofer that comes with Blogger or other similar accounts.

With WLW you can insert images, videos, hyperlinks, breaks, horizontal lines, tables, maps, plug-ins, emoticons, post tags, bullets, numbering and more. Whether you use source code or not you have a choice of all kinds of fonts and all of the normal proofing tools. WLW even has a picture tool to edit your photos with. Crop them, re-size them, center them, put watermarks on them, sharpen them, It is packed with options. Don’t forget the active spell checker (never misspell on your posts again) and helpful word counter.

The best part is that once you link it to your blog account it looks at your account settings and downloads them so while you are writing your post it looks just like it will on your website; colors, font sizes, and all. When you are done you can publish the post with one click and it’s on it’s way to your website.

I know, I should be making some money pushing WLW; I really am trying to sell you on it. That’s just because it’s such an important tool for a good looking website. Why make it hard on yourself when blogging? Also, if I had used it for all of my blog posts I wouldn’t be re-doing the proofs on the older ones and I would of saved myself some trouble. When your posts are proofed correctly when you do make a layout change on your account you can bet your posts will fall in line for you.

I am so glad the weekend’s here, I’m ready for it. Everyone’s talking about the storm that’s dumping huge amounts of snow and sleet on 7 states and stranding travelers all over the world. I was just mentioning the other day in a blog that in 1958 in Indiana, we had 3 feet of snow. It sounds like that record might finally be buried. Lol!

For those of you with android phones or tablets I’m adding a tab to my site for applications that I recommend, what they do and where to get them. I hope to have it started in a week or so and will add to it as I go. The best part is these are mostly freebies and some of them don’t even have ads on them. I hope it’s a new feature you will use and like.

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 tumblr_ljm3m8dfun1qzt4vjo1_500 Keep On Bloggin’!

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