Saturday, February 16

Life In Your Years

The seasons' change and time flies. Do you feel like you spend the time you have in your life wisely?

We only go around once and during that time we have to hustle in order to get what we really want, spare time.

Time Used Up
  • First, you’re born. You have about 78 years left statistically speaking.
  • You’re sleeping for about 29 years of that time. That leaves you with 49 waking years. 
  • Time to get educated. You spend 31,000 hours studying or in class. Added up, that’s about 31/2 years. 
  • You’ve graduated congratulations! Time to put in your 91,000 hours at work. That’s about 101/2 years.
  • All that time you spend in traffic. Say goodbye to one whole year of your life.
  • Brushing your teeth, showering, sitting on the toilet and dressing. That’s 21/2 years.
  • Eating and drinking take 4 years. You’ve got 28 years left.
  • Shopping, grocery runs,; it adds up to about 21/2 years. 
  • Cooking, cleaning, yard work and 6 years spent doing chores. 
  • You spend 11/2 years caring for kids and loved ones. That’s 18 precious years left….
  • Of which you spend half watching TV, playing video games, online, or pick your poison you spend about 9 years doing it and you have only those 9 years left. 
  • Out of 78 years on this earth, 9 years and 6 months are yours. Nine years to spend with your family and friends. To play, laugh and cry. To fall in love. To see the world and fulfill all of your passions.
So why are you still in front of the computer? What would you rather be doing? Go out and do THAT instead.

"It’s not the years in your life that count, it’s the life in your years." by Abraham Lincoln

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  1. I sit in front of the computer at work as well at play every day ... better than following some high-on-something white rabbit any day ...

    1. Lmao! A lot of people do these days don't they? I sit in front of the computer or my cell phone constantly. And I shop online. Then I follow the high-on-something white rabbit.

  2. The Happiest People Don't Have The BestOf Everything..

    They Just Make The Best Of Everything..

    Have a nice day..
    Hugs Kisses Night Lady

    1. So happy to hear from you again! I really mean to make it to read your blog this week, it's very important to me and I haven't done it in a while. I just get busy and barely have enough time to write my blogs! Still, that's no excuse. I liked your saying. Have a good week.

  3. Your the kind of friend that only heaven could have sent..Hugs Kisses Snow White

    1. You too! I also plan to get to your blogspot for some long over-due reading. I do drop by sometimes on my cell phone but trying to leave comments with it are not easy especially if I want to really say something. Have a lovely week.


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