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The Rise Of Internet Addiction And You


The Rise Of Internet Addiction And You

Have you ever questioned just how much time you spend online? Whether it be on tablets, smartphones or your computer what might you be missing in your life by being online and just how bad can an internet addiction really be?

What about the amount of personal information that you put online? With linked accounts how many places is this information really going? I’m sure by now you've all heard “what goes online stays online” and it does. It will outlast your lifetime and your children’s.

When you get rid of an account (God forbid) you may be able to delete online accounts but you'd be surprised to know that most websites keep your information and use it anyway they wish, even if it says your account is closed and your information deleted.

What is it that makes us so willing to share ourselves with virtual strangers online and then feel like we can't get back online fast enough to do it again?

I'm not an expert when it comes to the rise of internet addiction and online junkies. I do however know how I feel about being online and how much time I do spend online. I could say I have a bit of a habit.

What are some of the facts about the rise of Internet Addiction? You might just be surprised.

Source: April 2012, Polls taken in 2009

We All Love Our Internet
What would “you” give up for a year to keep your internet? Could you go for 24 hours without going online AT ALL? Consider it, because after reading this I need to pass GO and go straight to rehab.

Don’t laugh, this is a fairly new disease not unlike hoarding. You don’t think about it but because of the influx of electronic gadgets that let us stay connected 24/7 it’s even worse now. People can’t even drive a vehicle without clutching their cell phones and tablets. Even if that means getting a ticket or much worse!

Sometimes I feel people are losing touch with each other as human beings. Even when I’m offline running errands I see people sitting around staring at cell phones or talking on cell phones. I’m guilty of this myself. When was the last time you had friends over and played a board game or did something that didn’t involve TV either? I have to admit for me it’s been far too long.

Think about it people before you realize it, brain shrinkage happens and when you get offline you may find you don’t have much of a real life. Of course I wasn't serious about any of this. Or was I?

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  1. I'm not sure about the brain shrinkage theory ... but there is def some truth to the article ... I work on a busy psych unit ... our policy doesn't allow patients to access computers ... mental illness and internet addiction are def connected.

  2. Oh I agree! In fact look at how messed up that kid was that shot up all those people at Sandy Hill grade school, so sad. He was also an internet nut case. I think when they say "brain shrinkage" they mean Internet Addiction dummy's you up. Thanks for stopping in and I'm happy to "see" you again.


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