Wednesday, January 23

LSD For The Eyes

Wild Animated Gifs

WARNING! Some of these Images may cause dizziness, seizures or just bother your eyes. Proceed at your own risk.

 photo FinalNeon.gif

 photo 20090523045404_auto.gif

 photo hypnosis_by_xaigatomon-d32x9wr.gif

 photo spirit_10.gif

 photo pulseblue.gif

 photo animation-2-1.gif

 photo 0233.gif

 photo flash.gif

 photo canani3.gif

 photo SpinYY.gif

 photo jgtjxg.gif

 photo 2d9991.gif

 photo bubbles.gif

 photo tumblr_kwu9e4kkOy1qzekdio1_500.gif

 photo doncurtain.gif

 photo 139199696_b96c24a2ed_o.gif   Keep On Bloggin’!

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