Wednesday, August 15

Car Anxiety Dream

Warning, this is a dream so don’t expect it to make sense.


I was driving my beloved 93 Miata sports car with the top down and as usual it was clean and we were both looking hot. I pulled into a parking lot that seemed very deserted for the time of day and I went into the store to get a few things. When I came out there was a huge pick up truck parked next to my car, too close for comfort. There were no other vehicles in the parking lot and he was right next to me. I went to unlock my car and it had a big dent in it from the pick up trucks door and I start to freak out! It was a very deep dent.

Then the guy comes out and gets in his truck. The first thing I notice is he's a fox! So I go up to his window and nicely ask him why he wasn't more careful about parking his truck. He smiles an awesome smile that makes me melt and tells me to; "Fuck off!" Taken aback, I tell him I still want his insurance information and added that he was an ass and to fuck off himself. As I started to get back into my car I see him start his humongous gas guzzling truck and pull out of the spot; still not giving me his insurance information. I scream; "You can't leave, it's your fault and I need your insurance information to fix my car!" He looks at me and gives me a big smile revving his truck engine.

All of a sudden he drives his truck into the front of my car. Awestruck I figure I just have to fix my front bumper and the dent so I ask him to stop this madness now and please let us exchange insurance info. He revs his engine yet again and hits my car on the other side.

I am getting really freaked out but no one is around to help. I frantically try to dial 911 but my cell phone won't work. As I'm doing this he is still smiling that damn smile like he thinks he's Fabio or something and continues destroying my car. I try to stand in front of my car while pleading with him to stop but I can tell he isn't going to and I get out of the way at the last minute as he hits it again. He almost hits me and this just makes him start laughing as if he's enjoying it.

All of a sudden his truck is a convertible and I throw myself on him, hitting him and begging him to stop. Of course he throws me off and continues until my car is nothing but a blue pile of metal trash. So I beg him again to exchange insurance info so I can get my car fixed, but he just grins, then gives me the finger and takes off in his convertible truck. I can see as he's leaving that his front bumper isn’t even messed up. I try 911 again but my cell phone is useless. By then I am so upset I'm feeling dizzy with anger!

Even though my cell never worked the police show up out of nowhere. I am now so upset that I'm screaming at the police about the guy and I can tell they just think I'm crazy and of course he is nowhere to be found. They don't believe me and I get hand cuffed and taken to jail. By then I am totally upset at the police; screaming, spitting at them and flipping out. They end up putting me in one of those bad behavior chairs with a spit guard on my head.

I am trying my best to make them believe me but they won't so I have a total meltdown. They don't believe there was another person and it just makes me more upset as things get worse! Suddenly we are in court and the guy is already there with a girlfriend in tow and of course he and his girlfriend (who wasn't even there) say I'm crazy and did it all myself because I wanted to go out with him and he turned me down.

I am so angry I get taken out in restraints while I watch the guy and his girlfriend kissing each other and laughing at me. Even the judge is laughing at me. The judge says I'm to be put into a mental hospital and treated until I come to terms with reality. I can't believe this is happening and all I have in my head is the mental image of my car flattened into a blue metal mess while I scream at the judge on the way out.

We go through a door and I’m in a mental hospital. I really break down and they give me a knock out shot. When I wake up I'm in a straight jacket and padded room. The male nurse takes me in to see the psychiatrist and he asks me why I think I'm in there. When I tell him he says I'm delusional and I'm put on a suicide watch and force fed heavy duty meds. I spit the meds out so they put me in restraints and left me like that on a bed in a room by myself.

I am so upset because no one will believe my side of the story and I've lost my beloved car on top of it all! When they finally let me free I throw feces and spit on the doctors and nurses and try to escape. It just makes things worse.

The guy and his girlfriend are there at the hospital making like they're sorry that I have to be there but when we get left alone they just make out in front of me and laugh at how clever they are. After their visit I am livid and try to escape. I get caught and taken into the doctor and tell him what happened. He tells me I can’t follow reality and need shock treatment.

I am so sedated I have trouble following what he says. I can barely walk or talk. They schedule me for shock treatment and take me into the room and strap me down. I can’t move at all as I struggle to get free. As they get me ready for the shock treatment I burst open with frustration, fear and anger. Then I feel the coldness of the conducting gel as they apply it to my temples. It feels nice. They force the mouth piece in my mouth and it tastes like bitter rubber. I almost gag as I try to scream. Everything is so blurry and I feel vomit rising in my throat. I’m sure I’m going to choke. They throw the switch and I wake up in my bed. I was screaming and thrashing in my sleep and heard myself calling out and it made me wake up.

OMG, what a dream! Almost text book in many ways. Also it's an extremely personal dream showing me many of my internal fears past and present. Freud would of had a hay day with this one. I was so happy to be awake.

Some of my dreams are horrible nightmares like this but most of them are pretty cool. I keep a Dream Journal by my bedside so when I wake up I can write them down before I forget them. It works well. I think dreams tell a person so much about what’s happening with one’s self and sometimes what’s really on our minds.

Do you remember your dreams?

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