Monday, July 23

Weird Body Modification

I have no strange piercings, (unless my ears are considered strange) and no tattoo's. However tattoo art done by the right artist is awesome.

I even pierced my own ears and since I had to do one of them over again piercing wasn’t something I became interested in. I don’t like pain or blood either. 

However I have always been in love with tattoo art and having an art background I used to sketch tattoos on everything during my High School years. The tradition, the beautiful lines, the shading and finally the color. Of course my doodles were infused with color.

I liked both the old and new school tattooing but had to question myself when I saw this story online.


This guy is here to get a tattoo of his worked on. Maybe he’s decided to get it colored. Wait; that guy has a mask on and clippers. WTF? Then I went on.


Have you guessed it yet? Oh yes he is! This lady on his leg is getting breast implants; and yes he’s paying for them!


So here’s the “after” picture and she’s looking perky…but OMG who would do this to themselves? What next, bulges in blue jeans?

Have a good week and remember when you get a tattoo of any kind it’s pretty much permanent. I tell you that now because compared to the cost of getting a bad tattoo, getting rid of it will cost you much more cash.

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  1. Tattoos and piercings are much to tribal for me.

    1. I hear what you say Horst! I do however like Tattoo art, it's pretty.

  2. Can you smell Friday..
    I tell ya It’s Friday..
    I can smell it the weekend’s getting closer..
    Keep going t’s nearly the weekend..
    Put your hands in da air and wave em like you just don’t care..
    causeIT’S Friday..
    It’s time to do the Friday dance..

    Have a wonderful weekend..
    Snow White the First Princess!!

    1. Yes, I love Fridays! You have a great one!

  3. Oh God, now I'm gonna think if I want a tattoo or not *lol*

    Hughs & x-x-x

  4. Bwahahaha. Funny, but not for me. I am not a huge fan of tattoos but that doesn't mean that I don't respect and appreciate the talent that tattoo artists have. I do. I have seen some pretty awesome tatts. Now, I do have body piercings. Plenty of them. To each their own right?

    1. Oh yeah? Where are they? Ha, ha, ha!


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