Friday, July 20

The Dark Knight Falls Into Chaos

It seemed like it would be an awesome night to be remembered in the Batman series and fans were looking forward to it but in Aurora, Colorado but no one could of guessed that it would be anything but that. People were excited about seeing the new Batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises” and couldn’t wait to get into the movie theater for the premier viewing at midnight. All kinds and ages of people, many in costume showed up for the movie. The theater was packed.
About 15 minutes into the movie there was a chase scene with gunfire on the screen. At that time people heard a hissing sound from the left hand side of the screen and then a loud popping noise sounded from the right hand side of the screen. A lot of the movie goers thought it was special effects, until they felt the pepper spray and saw people with blood on them.
(An ambulance is parked outside. Of the wounded, at least 20 were being treated at the University of Colorado Hospital, said spokeswoman Jacque Montgomery. "They're arriving by police, by ambulance. Some are walking in," she said.)
At first not many people reacted, then people started panicking and realizing something was wrong. People saw other adults and children laying injured and bleeding. Other people where screaming, some for their children.
(Moviegoers are interviewed at the Century Aurora 16.)
When people started figuring out what was happening it was mass chaos with people trampling others just to get out. Anything to get away from the shooter. People were wandering around in shock some covered in blood, some not sure what was happening to them and still not sure if what had happened was real or not.
In the end there were 12 dead and 59 injured and that is the count so far as there are still people being evaluated. One of the injured was only 3 months old.
(Police authorities gather at the shooting suspect's apartment building in Aurora. Police broke a second-floor window to look for explosives that the suspect claimed were in the apartment.)
Even though James Holmes, 24, of Aurora (the shooter) had a gas mask, major gun armory, bullet proof vest, full body armor and plenty of other weapons on him he did not resist when arrested by police. I found that strange but I’m glad they got him alive so he can go to trial and face his punishment.
He told police he had a bomb at his apartment which they found and he also had a booby trap set up that the police said was very sophisticated. They’re not done searching yet.
(Investigators were a common sight at the theater Friday.)
When they contacted his mother who lives in CA about the shooting and what he had done she said right away that it was him and she wasn’t surprised. Shocking.
(James Holmes, 24, was identified by two federal law enforcement officers as the man who opened fire during a screening of "The Dark Knight Rises" at an Aurora, Colorado, theater early Friday.)
Read these links about this horrible crime to get all the information because there’s still facts about the case coming in. It’s sad and unbelievable. My heart goes out to all of the families and victims involved and I hope they fry Holmes. Too bad they don’t use electric chairs anymore.
This is one of the worst mass shootings in the US since WW2. For a timeline of mass shootings in the US since WW2. See if you can remember some of the others….
I hope you have a safe weekend and say a prayer for all of the victims.
If you were at a movie and this happened, what would you do?
How do you feel about gun control? Everyone argues about keeping their guns but legal guns in the wrong hands still do terrible damage. Look at our prisons. Holmes bought his guns, body armor, and pepper spray in the last two months and they were all legal in the state of Colorado. I can see guns sold for hunting and security but in my humble opinion that’s where it should end.
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  1. Underskatta inte värdet av att göra ingenting,
    av att bara ströva omkring alldeles ensam,
    lyssna på allt som man inte kan höra och bara ha det bra.
    Kram Moonlight

    1. Du är mycket klokt Moonlight. Jag hoppas du har en underbar vecka full av roliga och lycka. Kramar för dig!

  2. So sad to hear about this tragedy. It's hard to comprehend that someone would do this.

    1. This guy is really sick and the authorities say he had planned this for a long time.It took forever for the cops to get into his booby trapped apt.It makes you wonder what makes someone decide to do something so horrible and it sure is hard to comprehend! I am waiting to hear more details, the authorities are taking their time releasing any more facts.They probably want to make sure their case is solid so this kid doesn't get off. I don't see how someone could kill one person, much less plan to kill as many as a terroist. I'm still in shock that his mother wasn't surprised when she heard he had done this. I myself think we need stricter gun laws in every state.

  3. This is very very sad.

    We have quite strict gun laws in Australia. Too strict in my opinion but I wonder if there is a happy medium?


    1. To me the happy medium would be something like this. 1. If people want to shoot guns they should be able to do so at a gun range. They can't own guns but they can go to the range and shoot anything the range offers. 2. Hunting for real. People who get hunting permits should be able to own certain guns made for hunting and those guns only. Plus they can only hunt during season. 3. Police, security, feds or anyone in the service. People who need to use guns for protecting others or war should be able to own them until they are retired from those jobs. Otherwise, I wish guns would disappear from our society. Otherwise, anyone can get their hands on them to use anyway they want without explaining and sell them to someone else illegally. I don't know your gun laws in Australia but I'd rather have strict laws then hardly any. In the US people who shot others usually don't even have paperwork for the guns they use, it's so awful! This guy had everything planned out perfectly even booby trapping his the police couldn't get in there for a few days. Have a good week Jennifer and thanks for the comment!


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