Wednesday, May 16

Venus The Girl Who Looks Like A Living Doll

This is a 15 year old girl from London whom I first saw on "Right This Minute" and since then she has gained internet fame for her look as a "living doll." On YouTube you can find more of her videos as she shows you how to put on make-up to achieve different looks if you want to try them out for yourself. She also cooks and shows off her favorite clothes and more, all the things a 15 year old would be interested in. I think it's harmless enough as her mother is looking after her and she is as cute as a button! She seems to be very happy doing it, and I wonder what do you think?

Venus Angelic With Helen Fospero & Dan Lobb On April 4th 2012

I love Anime and with her doll make up and all she would make a great anime character if you ask me! I hope I see more of her in the future, maybe in a movie. She would of made an awesome Alice In Wonderland, don’t you think?


Venus With Sailor Moon Hair-Do

I also think that at 15 she’d make a beautiful model. She could be another “Twiggy".” Yes some people are going to take what she’s doing the wrong way (there’s always sickies out there) but you can’t hold that against Venus for wanting to perform anymore than you can Lady Gaga. Her hair and make-up advice is really quite good. She shows you zombie makeup, dog makeup, how to do your hair, just all kinds of cool things. I love watching her. 

This is what “Right This Minute” had to say about Venus:

“We interviewed Venus a few months ago about her unique look as a living doll. Since we interviewed her she's gained internet fame and she even says she has new plans for a TV series and much more!” To see the rest of that interview: Internet Fame for Venus, the Girl who Looks like a Doll! »

She is not only on YouTube but she has her own webpage on it, so you can visit all of her video’s in one place on YouTube at: VENUSANGELIC

She is different and very refreshing! What do you think?

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  1. I wonder what she would looke like without any makeup ... I wonder what I would look like with all her makeup ...

    1. Hey Cat, if you check out the links you can see what she looks like with and without makeup. I'd like to see you in her makeup too! Lol! She is as cute as can be and wouldn't she look good as an anime charactor? Hope you're week is going well!

  2. steve prefontaine5/24/2012 01:29:00 PM

    That bird really is a quite astounding dream come true.

    1. Isn't she? She's like an Anime charactor come to life!


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