Monday, May 21

Did You See The Ring Of Fire Eclipse?

On May 20th, (yesterday) we had the “Ring Of Fire” solar eclipse that could be seen in the Western US. We could see it here in San Mateo, California and it was spectacular! James and I were outside by the pool watching it on our patio.

This was the first solar eclipse I have seen in nearly 18 years. This would be my 3rd I have viewed through the years. I saw the last one back then, and even remember seeing one in Michigan City, Indiana (my home town) while I was in grade school.

We made these boxes that were big enough to go over our heads (total dark viewing) and put a white piece of paper on the inside that you would watch it on. In the back of the box we cut a square to hold the piece of paper with the pin hole in it. You put the box on your shoulders to view in comfort. It worked really well (us kids had a laugh at seeing each other) and no kids went blind in my class.

Yesterday I used the same viewing trick minus the box and held my two pieces of white paper. One to watch it on, the other to view it with. I actually got a pretty large image by holding one further away although my arms got tired. James had his digital camera to view it with and got some pictures.

Another cool thing to see during an eclipse is the way the light looks! It gets darker as the moon pushes it’s way onto the sun. Everything looked odd, shadows were different and reflections of the sun off of mirrored surfaces looked awesome.

I found some images of the Ring Of Fire eclipse people sent in from all over the area it was viewed in.


The Ring Of Fire moment.


  The eclipse being reflected many times over from the windows of another building onto this one.


Just as the moon starts to roll across the sun, an edge appears.


This image is nice with the oil refinery in front of the eclipse.

We only got a few good pictures unfortunately but here they are. We were not very well prepared so I’m glad there were so many nice pictures of it sent in by people to the internet.


This is me using the two pieces of paper viewing method. The further away you hold the paper with the pin hole, the larger the image gets. It may look primitive but it works and you can still watch the whole thing.


Here’s the image James got with his camera. Since they all look the same (just at different times) I thought one would be enough.

One thing I saw that freaked me out was watching the neighbor’s kids. They came outside to see it for themselves. Not one child had anything to view it on and were joined by a few parents as I watched in horror as they all were peeking at the eclipse threw their fingers!

Most of these kids go to school, and it’s sad as I wonder if they even studied the coming eclipse. I’m sure nobody went blind but it can happen and two pieces of paper is a small price to pay to keep your eyesight.

Did anyone see the Ring Of Fire eclipse? If you took any pictures leave me a link as I’d love to see them. Have you ever seen a solar eclipse?

This is a great weekend that I’m still enjoying very much!

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  1. Hi Bekkie, yes I've seen an eclipse, in the early 60's, when I was 14 or 15. Haven't seen one since, at least not a full eclipse.

    1. Horst, did you live in Canada then? That sounds like the same one I saw in grade school in Indiana. Maybe we were both watching it at the same time? Tee hee! I really appreciate your comments Horst and I thank you for leaving them! It means alot to me. Obama is in my area today so I'm staying home to avoid all of the traffic. Redwood City is not far from here. I don't even feel like voting this year it's all so nasty and they aren't doing anything for us yet! I've lost my faith in our government big time. Have a good week!

  2. eddie lydecker5/24/2012 01:26:00 PM

    Breathtaking images Bekkie, quite breathtaking.

    1. Thanx Eddie! It was really awesome to see in person too.

  3. Hi Bekkie, Yes its been a long while.. You are lucky to have been able to view the Eclipse a wonderful sight and also a great post with pictures you have put together..
    Im not on Blogger much Bekkie Im more on Wordpress
    Thank you for the thought you sent.. And Im happy you're doing Ok... Love the Layout you now have created on your Blog .. Looking Good..
    Enjoyed the sound effects too... :-)
    Wishing you a Great Summer... We are still waiting for ours to arrive here in the UK... :)
    Love Light and Peace..

    1. Well if you're on Wordpress then I guess I'll have to come to visit you there, Missed ya. I can't wait to see what you've been blogging about my old friend. Thanx so much for giving me such nice compliments on my webbsite. You are a sweetheart Dreamwalker. The tic-toc of the old clock is very soothing isn't it? You are not the first who said they liked listening to the clock while they read.
      Good to hear from you again and this time I won't let the time go by so long. I wish you some nice Summer weather soon! XOXO


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