Thursday, April 19

Who Knew Hula Hoops Came In Plaid?

The Photobucket Helix LED Hoop by Proton Labs not only comes in plaid, but 256 included preset patterns! They include free software to customize every pattern and they create millions of colors. It’s the Hula Hoop of the future, and I want one!

Save your money as you can order one just for you starting this month. Although I couldn’t find the price for it online as of yet my favorite morning show “Right This Minute” claims these mind blowing hoops run around $300 American dollars.


Alright, if you haven’t already check it out for yourselves.   Photobucket



I Just Love This!         
Can you imagine taking one of these to a music concert or a Rage? I vote for taking it outside tonight! My birthday is next month, any takers? Hee hee!
Tomorrow is Friday and time does fly! This week I’ve been enjoying the gorgeous Spring weather! Of course I’m driving my Miata to our lovely state parks and refreshing my soul with nature. Just to sit and listen to the sounds! I hope you are doing some of the same and have a nice evening!
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  1. your favourite internet rodent4/20/2012 11:23:00 AM

    Bekkie, in England Hula Hoops are crisps (potato chips), they`re round crunchy crisps, ready salted, salt'n'vinegar, and cheese'n'onion, all really tasty flavours. By the way Bekkie, why do Americans call "crisps" "potato chips" or just "chips" ?, in England "chips" are what Americans call "French fries", we have "cod and chips" or "eggs, bacon, chips, sausage, tomatoes, beans, mushrooms", those are the two most popular meals in England, this com-girl-t starting to make you feel hungry ? it is me !.

    1. Well I knew chips were french fries, hence fish and chips. Calling potato chips "hula hoops" is another one of those things about the UK that are different. What do you call a hula hoop then? Lol! I do love all the differences that bring us together! I have been thinking all along that you are a man, but I think you have given me enough "hints" telling me something else? Lmao! Yep, you are making me hungry! Think I'll go grab a bite.


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