Sunday, April 22

Sharing Earth Day


Today is Earth Day and I thought I’d share some photos of wildflowers and such that James and I took this weekend. These tiny little wildflowers are all over the ground at State Parks here in California right now and even alongside the roads.

The deer show up anywhere they please, but you can always see them at particular golf courses near me. They love to eat that special grass they plant. The golf courses try to scare them off, but if you plant it, they will come.

I love California Poppies! With their bright orange color they are easy to spot in the woods or alongside highways and byways. I always welcome their bright orange color every Spring.

The wildflowers are so tiny and sweet. There were moths, butterflies and other bugs out for the day too. Pollinating the flowers and finding mates. They eat ravenously, especially after the cocoon stage. A tiny and perfect ecosystem.
















Did you know, that if anything is wrong with an ecosystem that there are early signs? Mutations, sickness, young dying off and species acting differently because of illness or being displaced from their habitat. Depending on where this occurs the indicators can be felt differently but the results in the end are the same. Eventual death and annulation from our big blue planet.

Do you know any animal species that are endangered and disappearing? There is a website for “Earth’s Endangered Creatures.” It horrifies me to read it. Just the creatures in North America alone are staggering. How many are already extinct? Do yourself a favor, visit my links and become more aware.

We have to heal our wounded world. Today it’s more important then ever! The chaos that swirls around this quagmire has benefited only human beings. Even if it’s something small, anything we can do will surely help. Let’s do our part.

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  1. jervaise brooke hamster4/22/2012 11:58:00 PM

    Bekkie, those pictures are quite stunning ! ! !.

    1. Thank you JBH I had a great time doing it! Glad you liked them you are so sweet! Since you like what you see could let Google know by clicking on the g+1 buttons? They are the same as Facebook's "Like" button. XOXO

  2. Hi My Friend..
    6 rules to be HAPPY: Free your heart from hatred; Free your mind from worries; Live simply; Expect less; Give more & Always have ME as UR FRIEND hugs Snow White

  3. I will certainly do that! I would love to visit Sweden, everyone there are so friendly! Just like you!

  4. Great photos Bekkie, I love Californian poppies too :)Your butterfly photos are wonderful too. Hope all is good with you, take care xxx

    1. So nice to hear from you Poppy! I'm afraid except for posting blogs I've been spending all of my time offline and outdoors. What glorious weather we are having on the weekends! Yesterday I went to Crystal Springs and walked around the park. There were two Eagles hanging out there but they went on their way. :-( Still, I got pictures of the cutest little mole. I'm going to blog about it and post the pics today. He was clearing out his hole and pushing the biggest rocks out of the way. I know, most people hate moles if they are in their gardens, but he was so cute! How are you? Hugs!

  5. Blessings a bit late but am here to check-in, see how you doing and extend my best wishes to you for the coming week.

    better late thatn never .....happy earth day.


    1. Always glad when you stop by Rhapsody! I can always use your blessings, one can never get enough. Don't you think? It is never too late for best wishes or caring for the Earth! You have a lovely week my friend!


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