Sunday, January 1

Your Résumé Please?

I once tried a different approach to a résumé. I was applying at Sony in Foster City to be on the phones for their PlayStation Game Division. At the time I had a Space on Windows Live so I decided to do another Space (website) as a résumé for Sony.

I made my website all about Sony. I even did research on them and blogged about a few new things happening at their company. I had pictures of their offices and of course my information was craftily placed in an orderly manner around the website.

It was awesome! And I never heard a peep from them!

So I ran across some of these résumés that not only worked for others but are very clever and artsy to boot!



This is a Wakuda Studio résumé and shows how effective the military cloak can be.



This is the perfect example of an eye-catching and attention grabbing résumé. This résumé represents the life of the artist in different blocks that is easy for the employer to skim through.



This machine-like résumé shows the employer that they can expect nothing else but initiative ideas from the artist.



A unique, iconic way to describe the whole professional’s life and growth in a visual nutshell.



This résumé has been created by Adam Stephenson and shows the beauty of vintage style.



Another beautifully detailed artistic résumé explaining the key attributes of the artist.



This unique résumé shows the creativity of the artist.



This unique style of a résumé shows the human mind supremacy of thinking out of the box.



This menu style résumé is full of lavishness and offers a thorough presentation.



Here the artist presents a wonderful job hunting style in this résumé. This is a masterpiece of work.



Using  colorful office products and his information this style résumé is a masterwork of stylish thinking.



This old style of graphic artwork shows the worth and skills of the artist.



This is a combination of affectionate letters and presents the lovely thoughts of artist in a visual nutshell.



This is a Google earth oriented résumé. It is spread on the earth map and shows the density around the globe.


I wondered after my sad attempt at my website résumé if anyone else had tried something like it and now I know.

Somehow it makes me feel a little better about what happened to me. Remember, not all companies will be excited to receive creative résumés.

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  1. interesting Résumé's Bekkie.
    Hope u had a good holiday

    1. Thanx but where are you Doris? You have disappeared from both my BlogSpots. I hope all is well, I'm worried about you! I had eye surgery and that's why I haven't been on your site reading your blogs so I hope you're not angry about that. It's still hard to be online now, I have a gas bubble in my eye that has to go away and it makes it hard to see my screen for now. I just pray my eye gets better soon or I will really miss blogging! If you have another site let me know where you are! I miss you! Thinking of you, lots of hugs!

  2. OMG, Bekkie ... this is hilarious ... I was already wondering where you went ... but here you are, resume and all. This post made my day, thank you. Be well. Love, cat.

    1. Cat, I think these are so creative, aren't they? I think by now you know I'm recovering from eye surgery. It's a slow but sure process and I pray it works when it's finally done healing. Thinking of you my friend!


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