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The Secret History Of Alcoholism By James Graham


“VESSELS OF RAGE ENGINES OF POWER” is a book written by James Graham about the damage caused by alcoholism: human behavior at its ugliest and most frightening. In its pages parents rage at frightened defenseless children. World famous literary lions use their writing talent to malign their innocent parents. Trusted intelligence officers betray their country's secrets and a powerful spy-catcher willfully and wrongly accuses his loyal colleagues of treachery. Political scoundrels malign exemplarity public servants. Modern serial killers entice victims into lethal traps. Ancient tyrants torture and slaughter thousands of their subjects.

Based on decades of research, Graham takes the reader on an eye-popping tour of human history and shows that every one of these horrific characters (and many others) was an alcoholic. He also convinces the reader that, contrary to orthodox interpretation, their addiction to alcohol actually caused the diabolical behavior. Here are some of Graham's subjects: Ancient tyrants Alexander the Great, Ivan the Terrible, and Henry VIII. Murderers Ted Bundy, Richard Speck, and John Wilkes Booth. Traitors Kim Philby, Anthony Blunt, Guy Burgess and Donald MacLean. Political scoundrels Joseph McCarthy, Huey Long, and Andrew Johnson. Writers Eugene O'Neill, Ernest Hemingway, and F. Scott Fitzgerald. In what is surely his most provocative chapter, Graham solves the twentieth century's most baffling mystery: Why did Joseph Stalin murder twenty-five million loyal citizens? His claim that Stalin's alcoholism is backed by overwhelming evidence, some of it provided by famous eye-witnesses Nikita Krushechev, Charles de Gaulle and Winston Churchill.

"I found VESSELS OF RAGE easy to read and it proved to be an entertaining and informative description of alcoholism and the personality characteristics of well-known individuals who James Graham is convinced suffered from alcohol dependency. His argument for the presence of alcoholism in many historical figures is convincing, and the reader will acquire a good understanding of the symptoms of this disorder and how they influenced the lives of such notables as Joseph Stalin, Alexander the Great, Henry Ford, John Wayne Gacy and other serial killers, and many other well-known, and not so well-known, sufferers from alcoholism.

"The thrust of Graham's argument is that the personality traits frequently found in alcoholics produce individuals who have a tremendous need for ego satisfaction, and therefore not only seek power, but also abuse it. Quite correctly, in my opinion, he emphasizes that when alcoholics stop drinking, many of their symptoms persist including, in many, the pathological need for power. Until significant changes are made in the personality, particularly the ego, many alcoholics remain severely problematic. He makes this point extremely well and illustrates it be his references to writers, artists, movie stars and selected other individuals.

"Reversing the usual question -- Why do so many authors have alcohol problems? -- he argues that writing (has) particular appeal for self-centered alcoholics... traitors, serial killers, business executives and politicians draw similar attention.

"Graham uses dozens of case histories to illustrate the enormous influence of alcoholism has had on society -- one far greater than previously suspected or admitted. When an individual of no particular consequence or ability suffers from the disease, it's bad enough; they affect themselves, their family, friends, co-workers, pets and whomever else they may encounter. But when someone of intelligence and ability, and with access to power (whether it be as a writer, a corporation executive, a politician, etc.) the damage they can cause is much worse and every bit as likely. This book grabs readers' attention from page one and compels them to see alcohol and the world in an entirely different way."

"Graham's examples are legion and arresting- Alexander the Great, Henry VIII, Ivan the Terrible, the composer Beethoven, writers from Poe to Wolfe, President Grant, Admiral Byrd, Senators McCarthy and Tower, the English traitors Burgess, Maclean, Philby and Blunt, Ty Cobb, Joan Crawford, Tallulah Bankhead, even astronaut "Buzz" Aldrin. He devotes an entire chapter to the case of Joseph Stalin who, he remarks, began his bloody purges only after he was securely in power, and did nothing for eight successive days after Hitler's blitzkrieg began- because, Graham argues, he was on a bender. "... his insight is arresting and provocative."

James Graham welcomes inquiries or comments. Snail mail: Mr. James Graham, P.O. Box 142, Lexington VA, 24450, USA.

He argues that the emergence of complex animals from simpler multicellular ancestors must have involved a mechanism that was exclusive to complex animals, something that would account for the great precision required to construct the complex organ systems found in only in the bilateria.

He postulates that cancer killed uncountable numbers of immature animals and concludes that the resulting accumulation of defenses against the disease enabled the emergence of complexity. In all evolving animal lineages selection favored utmost precision in the construction of all cells in order to avoid death of the organism resulting from imprecision in a single cell. This imperative of exactness at the level of individual somatic cells permitted the emergence of complex tissue, organs and organisms.

Without meticulous construction of individual cells complex organs could not exist. Without cancer selection multicellular life would not have evolved beyond the level of plants and jellyfish, organisms which, according to Graham's theory, never experienced lethal cancer.
Rainbow Tuesday

This was a book review that I did not write. There’s a link at the start of my blog for more information on the book and how to get it. Graham wrote a wonderful, insightful book and it’s a great read for people wanting to look into the secret of alcoholism and the wheels of thought that turn into rage and power. Power that can be destructible!

I have not finished this book yet but I am reading it and it’s quite amazing! I think his correlation with alcohol and rage is so revealing! I have had a few alcoholics in my family and I can tell you first hand that when they quit using alcohol they still like their power trips and have a tendency to rage. One of them has had cancer a few times now besides. I pray for her.

I broke a tooth last week so yes I’ve been offline a lot recently. OMG even with insurance it’s costing me at least a thousand dollars on my side. Jeeze, I trust it will be more before we are done. I thought I’d show you what I’m getting done with the broken tooth. Cool, huh? Feb. 7th my “crown” will be done and put on. It better be made of gold for that amount! Then you’ll have to call me “Queen Bekkie Of Wonderland!” Tee hee!

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Wednesday, September 14

Twenty Brilliant Quotes

I love good quotes! I have an application on my Android phone called “Brilliant Quotes” and it’s free so if you have an Android you may want to check it out.

Get inspired!


1. “Advertising is legalized lying.” H.G. Wells
2. “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Helen Keller
3. “Be sure to put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.” Abraham Lincoln
4. “Ideas come from everything.” Alfred Hitchcock
5. “Be nice to nerds. Chances are you’ll end up working for one.” Bill Gates
6. “I accept chaos, I’m not sure whether it accepts me.” Bob Dylan
7. “Moral indignation-jealousy with a halo.” H.G. Wells
8. “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” Buddha
9. “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” Charles Darwin
10. “To be honest, one must be inconsistent.” H.G. Wells
11. “You’ll never find a rainbow if you’re looking down.” Charlie Chaplin
12. “Eighty percent of success is showing up.” Woody Allen
13. “A truth that’s told with bad intent beats all the lies you can invent.” William Blake
14. “The schools ain’t what they used to be and never was.” Will Rogers
15. “Cynicism is humor in ill health.” H.G. Wells
16. “When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable.” Walt Disney
17. “It is good to love many things, for therein lies strength, and whatsoever loves much can accomplish much, and what is done with love is well done.” Vincent Van Gogh
18. “Hell, there are no rules here-we’re trying to accomplish something.” Thomas A. Edison
19. “Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job.” Douglas Adams
20. “Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.” Plato
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Steve Kreuscher Illusion Pencil Drawings

Check out these wondrous paintings by artist Steve Kreuscher. This may make your Wednesday a little more fun!


Aren’t these just beautiful? You can find more of Steve’s art (over 100 more images) by doing an online search for his website. I sure do love art, don’t you?

Below is an optical illusion called: Benham’s Disk. It was invented by C.E. Benham and it’s actually a black and white color generator! See how many colors you can see by staring at it. This was sold as toy by Benham in 1894.

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Tuesday, September 13

Things Are Not Getting Better

This news story today was totally taken from USA Today News under top news stories. It makes my blood boil to read how bad it is and how beat down we are in this country now! I am just another person losing my means to pay my bills and picking out a trash can to call my own. No kidding!

Household Income Drops To Lowest Point Since '96

The median income of U.S. households fell 2.3% in 2010 to the lowest level since 1996 after adjusting for inflation, the Census Bureau reported Tuesday.

The annual report also said the number of families living in poverty rose 2.6 million to 46.2 million, the largest increase since Census began keeping track 52 years ago. Long-term unemployment has left millions of people out of work and struggling to find jobs.

"It's all about joblessness," said Timothy Smeeding, director of the Institute for the Research of Poverty at the University of Wisconsin. "Young guys don't have work, and poverty would be even higher if so many 25- to 34-year-olds weren't living at home with their parents."

The weak economy has driven household income down for three straight years, to $49,445 in 2010, a total 6.4% decline since the recession began in December 2007. The government says the recession ended in June 2009.

Poor people and minorities were hit hardest. Median income for black households fell 3.6% to $32,206 while white household income dropped 1.3% to $54,620.

Income fell least for the most affluent households — down 1.2% to $180,810 in 2010 for the top 5% of households. Income declines got increasingly large down the income ladder. The bottom fifth of households — those making $20,000 or less in 2010 — saw incomes decline 3.8% after inflation.

"There is a widening of the gap between the extreme top and bottom," said Edward Welniak, chief of income statistics at the Census.
The release of the data comes as President Obama pushes Congress to pass a $447 billion jobs creation proposal that he unveiled last week. Obama was in Ohio on Tuesday selling his jobs plan in the key battleground state.

Katharine Abraham, a member of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, speaking at a forum in Washington on Tuesday, said that the increase in poverty runs parallel with the rise in unemployment -- about 1.8 million adults did not work in 2010 than a year earlier.

"Clearly the pace of job growth needs to be faster," Abraham said. "We need to be aggressive about boosting growth and adding jobs.

Hard times are forcing people to "double-up" — live with their parents or other family members, said Trudi Renwick, chief of poverty statistics.

The number of households doubling-up grew from 19.7 million in 2007 to 21.8 million in spring 2011, she said. The number of adults ages 25-34 still living with their parents was especially notable, she said.

The report showed that a record number of women live in poverty and extreme poverty. The poverty rate among women climbed to 14.5% in 2010 from 13.9% in 2009, the highest in 17 years, according to an analysis by the National Women's Law Center.

The extreme poverty rate for women jumped to an all-time high of 6.3% in 2010 from 5.9% in 2009.

"The record numbers of women and families living in extreme poverty and without health insurance should send an urgent wake-up call to Congress to tackle the immediate deficit facing this nation — the lack of jobs — by acting swiftly on President Obama's job creation proposals and passing a robust package that will put millions of American women and men back to work," said Joan Entmacher, NWLC vice president for Family Economic Security.
Dwanna Myree, 38, of Detroit has a degree in accounting but has scraped by with temporary jobs and unemployment insurance for three years. Her region, the Midwest, has suffered a 13.6% drop in household income since 2000, double the national average.
"It's totally frustrating," said the single mother of three.

A family of four is considered in poverty if income is $22,314 or below. The poverty measures cash income before taxes. A measure that includes the value of Medicaid, food stamps and other government programs will be released in October.

Tim Ticknor of Reno was once a successful car salesman who brought in nearly $100,000 a year. In 2010 as car sales continued to tank, Ticknor made about $30,000. In January 2011, his dealership went bankrupt.

Since then, Ticknor, 45, has moved his family in with his mother-in-law. His only income comes from a few days a week as a day laborer — a job that typically pays about $55 a day, $20 of which is spent on gas.

"I used to make tons of money," he said. "It's difficult. Just surviving is difficult."
The report showed the share of people without health insurance rose from 16.1% to 16.3%, 49.9 million people. The number of people with private insurance fell while the number covered by government programs increased.

Congress passed a health care overhaul last year to deal with rising numbers of the uninsured. Though the main provisions do not take effect until 2014, one aspect taking effect in late 2010 allowed young adults until age 26 to be covered under their parents' health insurance.

Brett O'Hara, chief of the Health and Disability Statistics branch at the Census Bureau, noted that the uninsured rate for adults ages 18 to 24 declined last year, from 29.3% to 27.2%. It was the only age group that posted a decrease.

"For the change in uninsured, the law change certainly could be a factor," he said.
The Census figures indicated that the percentage of women under 65 without health insurance climbed from 19.2% in 2009 to 19.7% in 2010, the highest rate recorded in more than a decade. The number of women younger than 65 without health care coverage increased to 19 million.

Broken down by state, Mississippi had the highest share of poor people, at 22.7%. It was followed by Louisiana, the District of Columbia, Georgia, New Mexico and Arizona. On the other end of the scale, New Hampshire had the lowest share, at 6.6%.

Contributing: John Wisely, Detroit Free Press; Jeff Delong, Reno Gazette-Journal; Aamer Madhani in Washington; Associated Press.

This is what’s killing us people! We can’t afford to live because we have to deal with this reality while trying to carve out a decent enough life so that we don’t have to commit suicide to afford to live. I’m so pissed off and if I have my way I will never pay taxes again since I don’t seem to benefit from anything the government has to offer! We get one time only to live and I feel it sucks! Not all of us have families willing to help either and those people hit the streets hard.

I can’t help but be angry and fed up. As you know I try hard to be positive and happy. I don’t want to shove my blogs down anyone’s throat I just happen to like to write. I used to hope I could make a living somehow online but jobs like that just elude me.
I know it’s just more bad news, but we should pay attention to it. Is there nothing we can do? Don’t tell me about voting the government is weak and ineffective. I notice more and more people don’t respond to the bad news anymore. If we ignore it, it isn’t going to go away!
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Monday, September 12

Eonvrye Taht Can Raed Tihs Rsaie Yuor Hnad

I have gotten this in emails, and even wrote a short blog on it myself once. Shame on me because I didn’t do my so important research or I would of never bought into this in the first place. Time to put an end to it’s ill-fated history and just have fun with it.


Eonvrye taht can raed tihs rsaie yuor hnad.

Isn't it interesing that only boys have their hands up? (Not my quote.)

Only a certain kind of mind can read this but I refuse to believe that only men can do it because I have no problem! I think “word scrambling” is fun and somewhat revealing but what is different about the girl’s versus the boys reading this?
It’s amazing what the mind can do and the zillions of things it does for us everyday without a glitch is fantastic! However, I don’t feel that male and female minds differ at all. Not the hard-wiring anyway and my doctor would back me up on that. Tee hee!

When it comes down to it our brains are wired just like an electronic circuit, there’s no difference except they are an organ and send chemical signals. Those chemical signals still run along pathways in the brain just like current through a circuit in a computer but that is where the resemblance ends. No computer could ever replace our hard working brains.
Oddly enough after seeing the black and white photo above in an email talking about “word scrambling” and then no reference as to why the girl’s didn’t have their hands up also gave me the clue I needed to de-bunk this whole Cambridge word scrambling thing.


It isn’t true. I’m not the only person who believes this isn’t true that I found. Cambridge University never did a study on word scrambling and the black and white picture with the kids was thrown in as good measure whether it was explained or not. I could not find this picture with any studies on word scrambling and I would bet a “man” wrote this information into Wikipedia in the first place. Tee hee!

This next statement was also untrue or I failed at finding it, but there is no studies done at Cambridge University that bore this information out:

If you can raeid tihs elaisy, you do hvae a secapil mnid for srue. Olny 55 plepoe out of 100 can.  What kind of special? Are you kidding me? Lol!

Then the statement that always shows up on sites, blogs that claim this was a real study:
Aoccdrnig to rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.

Before I put this to rest FOR GOOD (I will never blog on it again) the real reason you can read the word scrambling is because by putting the right letters at the beginning and end of each word you are stimulating what you learned already in life. It’s called “how to read.”

In grade school you are taught how to read and how to use those words properly. (English class.) After learning this your brain can remember whole words and more by then so if you can identify the word by a few letters and where it’s being used it’s a snap. Remember I said the brain was an incredible circuit. Ta da! You can read word scrambling. 
I’d like to get some response on this so if you could leave a comment telling me whether you can or can’t read the word scrambling and what sex you are that would be awesome. I’ll print the results out later for you if I get enough data.
I did find a great thing that was true about reading the word scrambling. It’s the same truth about being able to see certain optical illusions. If you can do it, it’s a good indicator that you won’t get Alzheimer’s later in life.

While I’m talking about incorrect facts…. all of you bloggers and people doing research online. I have a pet peeve and it’s with Wikipedia. I don’t use it personally. There have been one too many times where I have found the wrong information or at the least incorrect facts. Yes, some people might like a place where they can correct or add to information that other people are relying on. But when I look something up I want the facts from the horses mouth. I want the real goods and Wikipedia just isn’t it.

I’m just saying, if you want to be taken seriously in your writing you should do enough research so that you know what you’re talking about especially if it’s something new and be careful about adding facts or figures you’re not sure of. Have a lovely week and enjoy yourselves! 
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Sunday, September 11

The Humorous Twelve Steps


The Humorous Twelve Steps

1. I decided I could handle my emotional problems if other people would just quit trying to ruin my life.

2. I firmly believe that there is no greater power than myself, and anyone who said so was insane.

3. I made a decision to remove my will and my life from God, who didn’t understand me anyhow.

4. I made a searching and thorough moral inventory of everyone I know, so, they couldn’t fool me and take advantage of my good nature.

5. I sought those people out and tried to get them to admit to me, by God the exact nature of their wrongs.

6. I became willing to help these people get rid of these defects of character.

7. I was humble enough to ask these people to remove their shortcomings.

8. I kept a list of all the people who had harmed me and waited patiently for a chance to get even with them.

9. I got even with these people whenever possible, except when to do so would get me into trouble too.

10. I continued to take everyone’s inventory and when they were wrong, which was most of the time, I promptly  make them admit it.

11. Sought through the concentration of my will-power to get God, who didn’t understand me anyhow, to see that my ideas were the best and He ought to give me the power to carry them out.

12. Having maintained my emotional problems for twenty four years with these steps, I can thoroughly recommend them to others who don’t want to lost their hard-earned status, but wish to be left alone to practice neurosis in everything they do for the rest of their lives.

*Borrowed from the Anonymous Programs  


Today is the tenth anniversary of 911 and I am sorry for everyone’s losses in NYC, the Pentagon and the world. Also all the people who’s lives were touched somehow because of the chain reactions of 911. God Bless us all and may we survive what is yet to come.
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Talented Cat Does His Routine

This is Stupid Videos. com. This cat is talented and smart! Check it out and you’ll see for yourselves! I think cats are so intelligent, they are the best! They can do just about anything and they’re so smart and beautiful! What awesome animals cats are.

Here’s some nice images of cats to enjoy along with the video, “talented cat does his routine” and I hope you like them.


Photobucket  Photobucket





Photobucket Cat Peeking At You Photobucket Soul Mates

I especially like this image, if I had my way I’d be a cat and this would be me turning into one! A black cat of course. Tee hee!

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Saturday, September 10

The Keep On Bloggin’ Award


your mind is a wonderland

Here’s your peek! No, I’m not getting a big head or anything; tee hee! I know I like to get awards and so do other people, it makes them feel good. It’s nice to be appreciated from time to time! So when I read my Followers blogs and all the great new stuff I discover I’ll be handing out my own blogging awards that I made. That way I can express how I feel about bloggers who are doing excellent, artistic work. (At least in my eyes and I think I’m a pretty good judge.)

There’s no time schedule that I’m using to give my award out on. I’m going to take my time and savor the reading material as I go. Well, most of it…lol! As I read other’s blogs if I find a winning blog I’ll get ahold of you and tell you how to receive the award. Please no copying unless the award is yours.

I have been blogging and writing a longgggg time, I love to write and for me the art (or images) is always part of it. Doing the site, writing the blogs then poking into other’s  lives and the way someone expresses themselves is so awesome! I love to read and write blogs and that’s no lie! Ha ha!

Just wanted you to know what’s up and now I’ll finish out my weekend of fun. Hope yours is good too.
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Thursday, September 8

Not Your Normal Pool Party

I was looking at some news stories today and I couldn’t believe the media storm this meteorologist from Little Rock, Arkansas got himself into! So far this story is just breaking but I can tell you I can’t wait to hear the whole story; IF we ever do.

Brett Cummins was found sleeping with a dead man.

Christopher Barbour, 36 had a party last Sunday night at his home with his friends Brett Cummins, 33 and Dexter Paul Williams, 24. It was reported by Officer Gregory Roussie that the three of them had been drinking and snorting illegal narcotics, though Barbour could not identify the drugs. Around 10 PM, Cummins and Williams moved into the hot tub, where Barbour joined them while they continued the party until Barbour retired for the night around 11PM where he fell asleep on his couch in the living room.

Around 8AM Monday morning Barbour woke up to snoring. When he approached the hot tub he found his friends were at the bottom of the hot tub and that it had no water in it. He saw that Williams head was lying behind Cummins left shoulder. After he woke up Cummins they both saw that Williams was discolored and cold. Cummins screamed and ran to the living room where he threw up with Barbour behind him.

The medics showed up at 8:10AM. Williams body was lying on the bottom of the empty hot tub with a dog collar around his neck. He had a ring of blood around his head. He was pronounced dead.

In the master bedroom they also found some bottles of pills although they are not saying at this point what the pills were. They also found a pair of men’s shorts.

No arrests had been made, but an investigation is under way, Lt. Jim Hansard told CNN on Thursday. "We don't have a crime -- yet," he said. "That's part of the investigation." Police said they are not releasing preliminary autopsy results.

KARK made note of the incident on its website. "Our Meteorologist Brett Cummins was at the home at the time of the death and we felt we should share this with our viewers," the report said Tuesday. "Brett will not be on the air as he is mourning the loss of his friend. Our thoughts go out to the family and friends of Dexter Williams."

The family of Dexter Williams has asked for privacy and made this statement; "While we are disturbed by the circumstances surrounding the death of our son, we are confident the authorities will fully investigate this tragic event."

I wouldn’t feel so confident these days if I was his family! After all their son was doing illegal acts with two men at least 10 years older than him that is claiming their dead friend was “just easily influenced” with the family agreeing with them. That is pitiful.

Still, if it had been one of us we’d be IN JAIL waiting for the police ‘to look into it’. People go to jail in Arkansas for illegal drugs even medical pot. My mom lived in Little Rock and everyone has a gun and you don’t mess with the cops! OMG!
So Cummins is saying he’s innocent of murder and both of his friends and family say Williams was easily influenced. OK but what about the drugs? I wonder how many of these parties with illegal drugs Barbour has had in the past? Who influenced whom for real?

I used to enjoy my visits to Little Rock while my mom lived there and the people were all very nice and really good cooks! I will have to keep an eye on this story. Good night my friends!

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Illusion Carpet in The Game Store

This optical illusion carpet, spotted in a Paris video game store provides an illusion of a vortex floor. The effect is achieved by printing bent lines in an according manner, just like what we have already seen in Apple’s executive garden. Not only does this carpet mess with your mind, it might also make you actually trip while trying to walk across it! Can you see the floor as flat, which it actually is?


I want to have this carpeting all through my house. Enjoy the rest of these optic illusions.




If you see the woman spinning to the right you are using the right side of your brain. If she spins to the left you are using the left side of your brain. Practice to see if you can use both sides of your brain to make her spin both directions. Practice makes perfect.



Puking Your Head Out

With Monday being a holiday this week is going even faster! Soon the weekend will be upon us again, it’s already Thursday! Hope your week has been great!
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