Friday, December 2

How Time Flies

Another week has come and gone in a blink of my eye. I’m glad it’s Friday, I need some weekend time but I can’t believe how fast the week went by! Of course the weekend will go by even faster. This is December already and it’s almost 2012. Time sure does fly.
I have been giving some thought about how time flies and found some goodies about it to share with you before I enjoy my Friday night.
♦ Times change and we with time.
♦ Time spent laughing is time spent with the gods. (Japanese)
♦ Time fleets away without delay.
♦ Time gives good advice. (Maltese)
♦ Time heals old pain, while it creates new ones. (Hebrew)
♦ Time is anger's medicine. (German)
♦ Time has a forelock, but is bald behind. (Latin)
♦ Times passes like the wind. (Portuguese)
♦ Time lost cannot be won again.
* The proverbs are American unless otherwise noted.
♦ All that really belongs to us is time; even he who has nothing else has that. Baltasar Gracian
♦ Time is what we want most, but... what we use worst. William Penn
♦ Nothing is as far away as one minute ago. Jim Bishop
♦ Time is a cruel thief to rob us of our former selves. We lose as much to life as we do to death. Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey
♦ Time cuts down all, Both great and small. Anonymous
♦ I have never seen someone unafraid of the future, not worried about the present and someone who doesn't want to go back to the past and correct their mistakes. Kazi Shams
♦ Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you. Carl Sandburg
♦ Time, whose tooth gnaws away at everything else, is powerless against truth. Thomas Huxley
♦ As if you could kill time without injuring eternity. Henry David Thoreau
♦ Time, time, time, see what’s become of me, While I looked around, For my possibilities; I was so hard to please Paul Simon
The bird of time has not far to fly, And the bird is on the wing! Anon.
I don’t know this band but I really like the song. Give it a try!
How Time Flies
Tick-tick-tick the clock moves sixty times and it’s a minute.
A little while and it’s another hour and soon dusk approaches.
Night, then a new day.
Few hours ago now termed yesterday and before you know it the year is gone.
Sweet memories flashing through the mind like it happened a few seconds past.
But lo that was some years back, but surprised how seconds turn minutes, minutes turn into hours, hours turn into days, days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months.
And months turn into years, oh how time flies.
By: Stewart Gideon
(My,) how time flies.
1. Time has gone by quickly, it is time for me to go. Bill: Look at the clock! Mary: How time flies! I guess you'll be going. Bill: Yes, I have to get up early. John: My watch says it's nearly midnight. How time flies! Jane: Yes, it's late. We really must go.
2. Time passes quickly. (Said especially when talking about how children grow and develop.) "Look at how big Billy is getting," said Uncle Michael. "My, how time flies." Tom: It seems it was just yesterday that I graduated from high school. Now I'm a grandfather. Mary: My, how time flies.
I hope you enjoyed your time spent reading this blog! How time flies!
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  1. Love the blog Bekkie, sometimes I wish I could turn time back bur no chance of that! On to the eye thing now! Until I posted my blogs and had the scare last week I had no idea such a problem existed, since then I now know of about 4 other people who have the same problem! I am sure you have been depressed about it over the last few weeks, as I said I was worried about it being a detached Retina, which can be very serious. My 'disc' is right in the middle of my right eye, it is a complete grey opaque circle, quite large, but luckily for me my right eye is my 'bad' eye anyway. I had meningitis as a baby, it left me with really bad sight in my right eye and bad hearing in my right ear, and I had very bad asthma through my childhood, but I was very lucky that my Mum and the family doctor took the situation seriously, and here I am lol. The reason I explained all that is because my brain already kind of ignores what is happening in that eye, and although I can see the disc when I blink or just look out of that eye, its not too bad. I am still fine to drive and do my sewing etc but I am aware of it when reading and funnily enough typing on my keyboard! I can't actually see it at these times, I am just aware that my sight is not 100%, getting old is no fun!! I suppose I have decided its just one of those things, and it isn't going to beat me lol. I do hope you can continue to do your painting and drawing, we can moan together if we have to :) Thanks for your support, it means a lot and I am here for you too, hope the eye appointments go ok, at least my eyes have had a good going over so that is a plus point. Take care and let me know what happens xxxx

  2. Thank you Poppy you were quite a find for me when I landed on your Blogspot and found you. You are so sweet and genorous. You lady are one of a kind! I'm going to continue this with you through email since I haven't blogged on it so nobody really knows. I was very scared and when I read your blog it was actually somewhat of a relief! Not at all fun you are right about that! I'm going to the doctor again this week so after that I'll email you and tell you everything. I am not depressed and feeling sorry for myself anymore due to you. It's not easy finding friends like you and that's an awesome plus point for me! ☺ Talk to you then and have a good week. ♥

  3. Aw thank you so much!! I am blushing here! I would love to get to know you better too so will look forward to your email, just thought I need to change the email addie on my profile, had a virus on my old one on Friday :S it really was just one of those weeks LOL, the third thing last week was a horrendous cold!! Good luck at the Drs this week, chat soon, take care xxxx

  4. What an interesting post Bekkie, I enjoyed it, as right now it's quite close to me heart, well, my state of being more the truth, in that i just haven't had much time for anything lately, that's why I haven't been visiting or bloggin, not that many have noticed, [t.i.c.] I hope you get more comments on this post as it deserves it,
    < I have never seen someone unafraid of the future, not worried about the present and someone who doesn't want to go back to the past and correct their mistakes. Kazi Sham> is my favourite out of them all and one that I can relate to. I saw your post about your eye, and hope all works out OK for you.

  5. Another one of my favorite ladies! Happy to see you Arlene. Thanks for reading my blog, I thought it was a good one too. I found a lot more fun stuff while I was reseaching for it. I wonder too why I don't get many comments. By now I was hoping for more Followers too. When I'm on a social network I have friends but here I was hoping for readers. You know what I mean. I am trying to figure out how to make "bloggers pay" and write for websites. I sure did notice you haven't been around. You didn't say where you were, Lol! I drop out sometimes too. The holidays each month it's been hectic. I like the quote you picked out. My fav was the video and the song, I'd never heard of it before I found it. Yeah, I'll let ya know after I see the doc this week. I actually did pick up a few more Followers lately it felt good. I sure am glad I met you.

  6. Time flies, when you're having fun, they say (whoever THEY are ...)but it is true for the opposite as well. Time seems to crawl along when you are not well. Wishing you well for this festive season, friend Bekkie. Love, always, cat.

  7. Same to you cat! Thanks for your comment and kindness, and have a great holiday season yourself my lovely friend! Thinking of you and I'll update what's happening with my eye when I find out I have another appointment this Thursday to find out for sure. Luv to you too! ♥


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