Thursday, November 24

Happy Thanksgiving

I don’t know about you…but with the way things are going with jobs, the economy, health issues and not having the money to pay all the bills it may be hard to find something to be thankful for this year. I guess I am thankful Thanksgiving is over with. And not one of you better mention that I should be glad I’m still alive! Oh lord!

While I try and figure out what side is up I thought I’d send my fond wishes out to my faceless friends. Well, you know what I mean. You Wonderful souls that float through my Wonderland. I do care about you and enjoy getting to know you very much. You are all so sweet and just look at how small we are making the World seem. I enjoy my readers from all over the earth.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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I did have an OK Thanksgiving, made a turkey breast (only two of us) some cornbread stuffing, mash potatoes, gravy, pumpkin pie and we are stuffed! So I’m going to at least have a go at some more of my holiday feast before the days over.

Unfortunately, I still didn’t find much to be thankful for. That’s just how it is this year. But, I AM thankful for YOU!
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Thanksgiving Reef

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. I know times are tough, but you still have it a lot better than a lot of other people in this world. I know it could be a lot worse for me, and I am thankful that I live where I live, even though it is darn cold in Edmonton.

  2. Same to you Horst, I hope yours was great and that you had a lot of good food! You're right, I do have it better than some people, but this last year I lost it all. I may not complain about it because I try to be positive but in 2012 I'll be losing my monthly money so things could go down very quickly. As long as I don't end up homeless I'll consider myself blessed. I bet it is cold in Edmonton so I can be thankful that I don't live there or with my disability I'd have a hard time getting around without a lot of pain. So glad to hear from you, I'm also thankful that I have a friend like you! Have a good weekend! ♥

  3. Bekkie, in Canada, Thanksgiving is in October, but thanks anyway.

  4. teddy crescendo11/25/2011 06:03:00 PM

    Bekkie, Jervaise Brooke Hamster lusts after you, isn`t that something for you to be thankful for ! ?.

  5. Bekkie, did you know that in England they dont celebrate Thanksgiving, instead they just make Christmas last for the best part of two months (mid-November to early-January), somehow i think they get a much better deal than the Americans with regards to that.

  6. steve prefontaine11/25/2011 06:16:00 PM

    Bekkie, i know what eddie means, quite often when i`m in America over the Christmas period i do get the distinct impression that for a lot a people Christmas is over on the 26th of December, where-as in England on the 26th (or Boxing Day as they call it) most people have still got 10 days of Christmas magic in front of them ! ! !.

  7. Wow, it's not easy keeping up with all the different countries and their holidays! Still, with friends like you all I still want to wish you a happy US holiday because you mean so much to me! You guys are lucky in the UK, I wish we had holidays like you it sounds better and more fun! I got a question for steve, why do they call December 26th Boxing Day? Sorry I wrote such a negative blog for Thanksgiving this year but I am feeling a little depressed. Not anymore though, with caring friends like you I'm thankful I met and know such great friends. I'm a very lucky woman indeed! XOXO ♥

  8. steve prefontaine11/28/2011 11:33:00 AM

    Bekkie, if you Google Boxing Day you`ll find a lot of information regarding it, i think basically its derived from the servants recieving a Christmas "box" from the master on the day after Christmas.

  9. Thanks Steve! I hope you have a good week and thanks for posting comments on my site. I really enjoy hearing from you and reading your blogs. Luv you and take care. ♥

  10. Hi Bekkie
    I'm back, Welcome to visit my new site
    Have a great day hugs Aurira "The Sleeping Beauty"

  11. steve prefontaine11/29/2011 12:52:00 PM

    Cheers little darlin`, i love you too and i really enjoy reading your blog as well.

  12. Blessings and thanks. Hope yours was wonderful

  13. Despite my bad attitude this Thanksgiving all of you managed to show me what a putz I was being and thank you for that! Hey Aurora, I can't wait to see your new site. Glad to hear from you again. Have a nice week everyone! ♥


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