Wednesday, November 30

Cat Plays With Dolphin

This video is really something! It always amazes me how animals get along when you wouldn’t think they could. Is this a cat playing with it’s food? No matter what it’s surprising and darling to watch.

This video is from the website Break.

Today is Wednesday and I hope yours is wonderful. Isn’t it cool that all cats come with their own headlights?

I like how someone did this gif.


A really cute little….OMG evil kitten!


Bow down to the hypno-cat.


Cat eyes are beautiful.

Cat Eyes, Cat's eyes change color, cool!

A cat playing with his food before lunch.

Cat Playing With Food

Cats are amazing, loving, smart and give me great comfort. I love them dearly and they are better than a Valium Tee hee! My cats give me a lot of pleasure. Cats are very adaptable and surprise us everyday with their unique behaviors. Videos, art, performing, anything about cats online are at an all time high now. They are entertaining and I couldn’t do without them.

Cat EyeKeep On Bloggin’!


  1. Hi Bekkie..
    I wish you a great weekend..
    Hugs Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs

  2. Hello Bekkie ... hat a neat cat show that was ... where do you get all that stuff?
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    Have a lovely w/e, my lovely friend.
    Always, cat.

  3. Snow White I'm throwing a big hug back to ya for a good weekend and I will be sending you the Snow White gifs soon. Sorry, I got busy but I hope you like them. I'll be checking out your new website this weekend too. Sending my luv.....♥

  4. Thanks Cat! Under the video (in tiny letters) it says; Cat Plays With Dolphin - Watch MoreFunny Videos. If you go back and click on "MoreFunny Videos" the link will have more funny videos, cats and everything. The site is called "Break" so check it out sometime my good friend. For the rest of the blogs I search all over the web for what I think will be interesting to me and my readers. You have a funtastic weekend too! ♥


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