Thursday, October 20

Painting With Light

Painting with light can masterfully blend light graffiti and abandoned places to show us just how cool light painting photography can be. Here’s an example of painting with light (on wallpaper) to give you an idea of how it can look.


Photographer Andy Hemingway has released a photo series of light paintings in an abandoned parking garage in Houston, TX. Ribbons of light flutter through empty, open spaces, weaving luminescent floating images that stand out against the stark, cold appearance of the abandoned garage.

With a flashlight and some special tools, Hemingway can frame his shot on a tripod, set a long exposure and dance through the shot with his lights in hand. Here’s Hemingway’s gig as he sets up another light painting.  


The result is what you see below, a collection of Andy Hemingway’s “Light Graffiti Gallery.” Enjoy. 









The weekend approaches as this is Thursday already. Is it just me, or do the weeks fly by so fast that one runs into another? Hope your week has been enjoyable!

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  1. Thank you Horst, I missed you and am glad to have you back! I really like light painting too it looks so cool! Today's Friday so have a lovely weekend my friend! ♥

  2. Some beautiful pieces here, Bekkie. Thank you for showing thewm.

  3. Hi Bekkie..
    Now I have 2 blogs nicki on wordpress and this one night lady on blog spot..wish you a nice weekend and a happy halloween hugs Night Lady / Nicki

  4. Thanks to all of you for your comments and I hope your weekend is funtastic!


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