Monday, October 3

In His Eyes-Part One


Sweaty, she pulled her black SUV into the Clarion Inn hotel parking lot by Lake Michigan from her night job in the ER and she was bone tired this morning. Her menial job as an orderly at Saint Anthony’s Hospital didn’t give her much money to live on but the job was worth so much more to her than money. Money; that’s what men were for, well, that and other indescribable things. She giggled to herself deliciously.

It was springtime in Michigan City, Indiana. Everything was green and seemed eager to blossom after the long winter. With my window down I could smell the lilacs blooming profusely around this little town nestled against the southern tip of Lake Michigan. It was just starting to get light outside.

The people here were pretty much family orientated people that kept to themselves just the way I like it. It was easy to blend in, even though I was fairly “new in town” and working at hospitals makes people trust me easily and helps me fit in yet be invisible.

This was a special day to look forward to because it was the fruition of all of my work and plans I made for Mr. Weller. I got a thrill as I imagined the look in his eyes at the last moment, the sounds, smells and of course my precious tapes so that I could re-live It all again and again.
At work tonight I’ll get my last supplies from the hospital and to make it sweeter the next two nights I have off. Mr. Weller and I will have a long time to get to know each other. She giggled to herself and lightly jumped out of the SUV. She let herself into number 13 and threw the keys on the desk. She was eager to savor another kill as she caught her reflection in the mirror, she liked how her eyes seemingly glittered in the darkness. She stared at her reflection for a moment enjoying her body. It was a quiet morning but she had work to do before pleasure.

She had met Mr. Gregory Weller in the ER. He was older than she liked but perfect just the same and what great eyes he had! She threw her clothes off humming to herself as she jumped into the hot shower starting to feel the rush, the excitement of another kill sending shivers down her spine. The water made love to her tired muscles. After showering she ate, carefully counting her calories as always.

She was in great shape at 5’7”, only 110 pounds with long black sleek hair and clear blue eyes. It was hard for her NOT to be noticed but she had her ways. She had perfect skin and a porcelain completion from working nights and was 25 years old. She was self taught in martial arts and could run a mile in 9 minutes. Secrecy and surprise are imperative to her success in controlling her subjects with the speed and power she would need to bring a man larger than herself down swiftly and easily with no mistakes.

After her breakfast she took a jog down by Lake Michigan’s sand dunes like she did every day. If it was early enough she could practice her martial arts outside on the beach instead of in her hotel room without fear of being seen. As she ran she reenacted in her head exactly how her weekend was to go with Mr. Weller. Down to the tiniest detail. She wanted to leap with joy but she passed some other joggers so it was back to room 13 for any martial arts practice.
After she got back to her room she finished a short set and got ready for bed. She had no problem with sleeping days as she was used to working nights. With all the adrenaline running through her veins, her workout and with the excitement of the weekend to come she finally tired herself out and fell deep asleep.

She was swimming in a pool for she could see the bottom and sides of it. The water was warm and felt womb-like. She was naked, breathing underwater and didn’t seem concerned about it. As she tried to surface all she could do is look upwards and try to see what was on the surface. The surface was very bright and hard to look at.

She felt almost too calm, like she was drugged. As she peered upwards she could see eyes peering down at her in the water. Suddenly body parts were floating in the water all around her and the pool water was turning dark red. She smelled blood! As she tried to scream her lungs filled with the thick stuff and she could not breathe now. Arms were pulling at her, dragging her downward. She was chocking and found herself looking into clear blue eyes, not unlike her own eyes and they…..looked dead? She was dead! She woke up drenched in bed with her heart pounding in her ears! It was already 8pm and she had to be at work at 10pm! She leaped out of bed and raced to the shower.

I decided to write my first online story in parts (tee hee) called “In His Eyes” and I hope you will enjoy it! I will add to it when I can. Please let me know what you think about it or if you want more of the same. Have a good read and a great week my friends!

I’m seriously writing my first book now and the more I write the better I get and the closer I get to finishing and (hopefully) publishing it. My first book. So I could take all the comments you can give me on what you think about my writing because I want to really make this work and I’m not just speaking of poetry.

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