Friday, October 7

Home Sweet Home

Take a look at what some people call “home sweet home.”


How did they build it and look at the way to the grocery store!


Here’s a close up of the cable car; to nowhere! Look at the door way into the rock below with stairs.

ATT00002  Look at this place with the car in front of it. No room for a garage? A road?


A lighthouse for a home would be nice but it looks like it’s sitting on Tinker Toys.


Now this is the best! I have always wanted to live in a tree house and this one has a garden on the top. Think it’s real?


Does this house look like it’s sagging a little in the middle to you?


Cave living at it’s best. Where’s the faux bear rug and club?


This lighthouse is having a very high tide. The sea wall is full of sea!


I think they used the top of our state capitol for the roof. This one gives me a funny feeling, like; “Don’t lose any weight!” That’s one long latter! Ha ha, I can’t help myself!


Now they went too far! Okay you guessed it. These are probably all done with Photoshop. This place comes with a natural air conditioner and makes it’s own ice…until Spring!


These pictures were sent to me in an email so I thought I’d share them with you this Friday night. We actually have our telescope outside right now and are doing a little star gazing while chilling at home. It’s a warm Fall evening.

It’s a little early for giving thanks but I’m thankful my cats and I have a home to call our own so that we might enjoy a night of looking at the stars. Especially after the last year I had! If only life could always be this simple! 


“The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.” Confucius

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