Sunday, October 9

The Blue Angels-Fleet Week Photos 2011

The Blue Angels come to my area once a year and the whole Navy puts on a show over the San Francisco Bay Area (and they get to buzz the city itself for a week before the show.) Practice makes perfect and they have never had one crash in all these years.
The men are excellent pilots whether they are flying the plane that refuels the jets or doing fancy flying in a jet itself and we were lucky to be in San Francisco today so I can share my pictures we took with you.
In the past when I lived in San Francisco I could take pictures of The Blue Angels practicing around the city from my kitchen window. I have some of the best of those under Photo Albums probably the San Francisco album. The fog came in later but I hope you like them as much as we do!Photobucket
The Columbus Day Parade was going on at the same time.
They actually had to call the show off today on Sunday (but it went off great on Saturday) so we’re lucky we got the shots we did. But everyone still poured downtown and there were a million things going on at once! See the street name?
I hope your weekend was good!
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