Friday, October 28

To Code Or Not To Code

I coded this.

What if you could design and publish HTML websites without writing code or using templates to do so? A website where you can focus on creativity alone to put exactly what you want on your website. Adobe has made this possible with (codename) Muse.

Muse, now in public beta, is for graphic designers that want to design and publish unique, professional HTML websites without worrying how to write code. So far 300,000+ designers have already downloaded Muse and have been very pleased with the results.

Check it out for yourself at the Muse website. First, watch the video called Meet Muse for an introduction to Adobe’s brainchild. On their site, you can also Get Muse to try out and they have video tutorials to watch if you need any help learning how to use it.

To see what can be done without code take a peek at the Muse Site Showcase to see how others are using this program to make fantastic one of a kind websites for themselves.

Right now to design your own website you have to know one of the many programs (besides HTML) to do so. As well as Blogger works when you design your site you still have to work with a choice of already designed templates that they offer and follow Google’s policies.

There have been plenty of times I tried to embed content or applications on my websites and had problems. Wouldn’t it be great to forgo this and put what I want to on my website with nobodies policy but my own? If you have a website or are thinking of starting one then I’m sure you agree.

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Sunday, October 9

The Blue Angels-Fleet Week Photos 2011

The Blue Angels come to my area once a year and the whole Navy puts on a show over the San Francisco Bay Area (and they get to buzz the city itself for a week before the show.) Practice makes perfect and they have never had one crash in all these years.

The men are excellent pilots whether they are flying the plane that refuels the jets or doing fancy flying in a jet itself and we were lucky to be in San Francisco today so I can share my pictures we took with you.

In the past when I lived in San Francisco I could take pictures of The Blue Angels practicing around the city from my kitchen window.

The Columbus Day Parade was going on at the same time.

They actually had to call the show off today on Sunday (but it went off on Saturday) so we’re lucky we got the shots we did. But everyone still poured downtown and there were a million things going on at once! See the street name?

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Friday, October 7

Home Sweet Home

Take a look at what some people call “home sweet home.”
How did they build it and look at the way to the grocery store!
Here’s a close up of the cable car; to nowhere! Look at the door way into the rock below with stairs.
ATT00002  Look at this place with the car in front of it. No room for a garage? A road?
A lighthouse for a home would be nice but it looks like it’s sitting on Tinker Toys.
Now this is the best! I have always wanted to live in a tree house and this one has a garden on the top. Think it’s real?
Does this house look like it’s sagging a little in the middle to you?
Cave living at it’s best. Where’s the faux bear rug and club?
This lighthouse is having a very high tide. The sea wall is full of sea!
I think they used the top of our state capitol for the roof. This one gives me a funny feeling, like; “Don’t lose any weight!” That’s one long latter! Ha ha, I can’t help myself!

Now they went too far! Okay, you guessed it. These are probably all done with Photoshop. This place comes with a natural air conditioner and makes its own ice…until Spring!

These pictures were sent to me in an email so I thought I’d share them with you this Friday night. We actually have our telescope outside right now and are doing a little star gazing while chilling at home. It’s a warm Fall evening.

It’s a little early for giving thanks but I’m thankful my cats and I have a home to call our own so that we might enjoy a night of looking at the stars. Especially after the last year I had! If only life could always be this simple!

“The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.” Confucius

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