Thursday, September 8

Not Your Normal Pool Party

I was looking at some news stories today and I couldn’t believe the media storm this meteorologist from Little Rock, Arkansas got himself into! So far this story is just breaking but I can tell you I can’t wait to hear the whole story; IF we ever do.

Brett Cummins was found sleeping with a dead man.

Christopher Barbour, 36 had a party last Sunday night at his home with his friends Brett Cummins, 33 and Dexter Paul Williams, 24. It was reported by Officer Gregory Roussie that the three of them had been drinking and snorting illegal narcotics, though Barbour could not identify the drugs. Around 10 PM, Cummins and Williams moved into the hot tub, where Barbour joined them while they continued the party until Barbour retired for the night around 11PM where he fell asleep on his couch in the living room.

Around 8AM Monday morning Barbour woke up to snoring. When he approached the hot tub he found his friends were at the bottom of the hot tub and that it had no water in it. He saw that Williams head was lying behind Cummins left shoulder. After he woke up Cummins they both saw that Williams was discolored and cold. Cummins screamed and ran to the living room where he threw up with Barbour behind him.

The medics showed up at 8:10AM. Williams body was lying on the bottom of the empty hot tub with a dog collar around his neck. He had a ring of blood around his head. He was pronounced dead.

In the master bedroom they also found some bottles of pills although they are not saying at this point what the pills were. They also found a pair of men’s shorts.

No arrests had been made, but an investigation is under way, Lt. Jim Hansard told CNN on Thursday. "We don't have a crime -- yet," he said. "That's part of the investigation." Police said they are not releasing preliminary autopsy results.

KARK made note of the incident on its website. "Our Meteorologist Brett Cummins was at the home at the time of the death and we felt we should share this with our viewers," the report said Tuesday. "Brett will not be on the air as he is mourning the loss of his friend. Our thoughts go out to the family and friends of Dexter Williams."

The family of Dexter Williams has asked for privacy and made this statement; "While we are disturbed by the circumstances surrounding the death of our son, we are confident the authorities will fully investigate this tragic event."

I wouldn’t feel so confident these days if I was his family! After all their son was doing illegal acts with two men at least 10 years older than him that is claiming their dead friend was “just easily influenced” with the family agreeing with them. That is pitiful.

Still, if it had been one of us we’d be IN JAIL waiting for the police ‘to look into it’. People go to jail in Arkansas for illegal drugs even medical pot. My mom lived in Little Rock and everyone has a gun and you don’t mess with the cops! OMG!
So Cummins is saying he’s innocent of murder and both of his friends and family say Williams was easily influenced. OK but what about the drugs? I wonder how many of these parties with illegal drugs Barbour has had in the past? Who influenced whom for real?

I used to enjoy my visits to Little Rock while my mom lived there and the people were all very nice and really good cooks! I will have to keep an eye on this story. Good night my friends!

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  1. My gosh what a story! I think you would have trouble sleeping the rest of your life!

    very sad.


  2. And who knows what will come out at the end of the investivgation? (If anything ever does) because there should be one. If snorting illegal drugs, taking pills and drinking alcohol had not been added to the "party" I bet one man would be alive today. I need to see if there's an update on the story. It's the weekend, have a good one! And hey, I think it's very sad too. ♥


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