Saturday, September 10

The Keep On Bloggin’ Award


your mind is a wonderland

Here’s your peek! No, I’m not getting a big head or anything; tee hee! I know I like to get awards and so do other people, it makes them feel good. It’s nice to be appreciated from time to time! So when I read my Followers blogs and all the great new stuff I discover I’ll be handing out my own blogging awards that I made. That way I can express how I feel about bloggers who are doing excellent, artistic work. (At least in my eyes and I think I’m a pretty good judge.)

There’s no time schedule that I’m using to give my award out on. I’m going to take my time and savor the reading material as I go. Well, most of it…lol! As I read other’s blogs if I find a winning blog I’ll get ahold of you and tell you how to receive the award. Please no copying unless the award is yours.

I have been blogging and writing a longgggg time, I love to write and for me the art (or images) is always part of it. Doing the site, writing the blogs then poking into other’s  lives and the way someone expresses themselves is so awesome! I love to read and write blogs and that’s no lie! Ha ha!

Just wanted you to know what’s up and now I’ll finish out my weekend of fun. Hope yours is good too.
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  1. Blessings and good luck with your candidates....

    have a fabulous one.

  2. Have a good week coming up, Bekkie, you are a rare and good soul ... Thank you, love, cat.

  3. You are too much! Thanks I already have some fab people I'm watching and finding more everyday who deserve the award. Soon enough! Have a good week. ♥


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