Saturday, August 13

Return To Wonderland

I Am
And Back To Business!
Coming Soon
I plan to keep blogging in Wonderland and have plenty of new ideas to blog about since I’ve been on my “X imposed time off” going to court this last year.
A lot has been happening in the world! The news has been full of stories and along with my interests I have a TON to blog about now. I plan on trying to write a blog a day by this time next month which is how much I was writing before now.
Besides my regular blogs I want to continue to write my poems. Whether I will keep writing poetry for Magpie Tales or other sites with prompts, or go my own way I’m not sure yet. Writing for prompts is challenging, fun-tastic and you are guaranteed an audience through the other sites links. It’s a win-win situation.
I am working on my book again. I’m considering short stories to write for Wonderland. It all depends on how much I decide to write in the future. If I do write some short stories they would appear like my poems and the blog of the day would be replaced with one of these options.
I want to write a good BlogSpot, I hope to get more Google +1’s, so that Google will consider me for ads in the future. I want to attract more Followers and make some money (with ads) on this website one of these days.
Thank you my readers for all your comments through the years here and on Windows Live Spaces. If you’re a new reader I ask you to support me by using the +1’s (only if I deserve it) and I love comments good or bad.
This is how I felt this last year with everything happening at once as Wonderland spun further and further away from me the busier I got with my private life.
My site runs itself with me gone and still gets a lot of hits, but I have sorely missed my Followers visiting to leave their comments behind.
I am incredibly happy to be back! I can’t wait to catch up with what’s been being published by the sites I follow and comment on those sites. I follow a lot of talented writers and to keep up one must keep publishing new blogs and paying attention to others.
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