Wednesday, August 17

Mid-Week Musings

Meeting Your Maker

Diversionary Tactic

Words Of Wisdom

A Fortune To Remember

Stay Off The Course

Not My Job

Cool T-Shirt Design

Fridge Magnet

Good Reason To Learn English

Hope you had a few chuckles on your Hump Day. Be patient, because the weekend approaches faster than you think!

Keep On Bloggin’!


  1. Lol Bekkie!! My favourite out of these is the T shirt, but they are all funny!!

  2. Thanks Poppy and nice to hear from you again! Since we met you have been on my mind. You are an awesome lady! ♥

  3. Hello again Bekkie :) Thank you for the compliment, I don't think I am awesome, I am just a very ordinary person, but thank you anyway :) xxxxx


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