Tuesday, July 5

Wheat Field With Rising Sun; Van Gogh 1889–For Magpie Tales 72

Melting Box Of Crayons

The colors explode as the sun lights up my day.
All is beautiful and bright
The wheat bends gently in the wind
As the colors continue to change until the night.
After I was busy drawing fields of wheat
I left my crayons in the sun all day.
A stone fence went around the fields
And mountains in the distance meet.
Yellow, orange, green, red, purple, blue and gold.
With all the colors melted it looked much like a Van Gogh
My drawing that I left outside turned out so beautifully
A melting box of crayons can be wonderful you see.
  Writings From Wonderland; by Bekkie

This is my poem for Magpie Tales 72 given the image “Wheat Field With Rising Sun”, Van Gogh, 1889.
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  1. Loved your take on the prompt! :)

  2. A very apt and original interpretation of the prompt.

  3. What a fabulous little write. Melted crayons have never had it so good!

    I love your blog and layout....! I may be back for more!

  4. Your blog is so magical I feel like I am on another plane lol Fabulous I love the concept of melting crayons that was my friend thought too, gorgeous

  5. Thank all of you! I wasn't sure my concept for the prompt was the best I could do this time around, but I liked it and decided to go with it. I'm so happy you like it and may your crayons always be good to you! Tee hee! I look forward to doing these daily now that I have more time again. This is so much fun! TGIF and enjoy your weekend! ♥

  6. I love the melted crayon idea for the prompt! I also love your blog, as I'm a big Alice in Wonderland fan! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  7. I thought of crayons, too. Very nice.

  8. Crayons were perfect for the image so I'm not surprised I was not the only one that thought of it. I'm looking forward to the new prompt, this is so much fun! I work hard on my BlogSpot so thank you for your kind words about my layout. I so enjoy doing it and finding new things to put on it. AIW gives me a lot of material to work with so it makes it funtastic! Big hugs to you all! ♥

  9. Beautiful and a fitting interpretation...splendid as the painting... loved it. And this painting is my favorite of Van Gogh...I feel I knew him. The color is my pleasure.
    Thanks for sharing this Bekkie.
    Raven :>

  10. ♫ *´”)
    ,¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨) ♫ ♪
    (¸.•´ (¸.• ♫ ♪ You certainly knew how to put two and two together to make a fine post!
    Absolutely love the brilliant colors! So many different colors blending brilliantly together. I for one, am so glad that we have color in our world to enjoy!


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